Painting. One word which makes us imagine a fine creation of the human mind. Something beautiful, something unique are the thoughts that come after listening to this term. But, after witnessing the beauty of an art-piece, do you ever wonder what technique and style did the painter use in order to create it? Well, if you never thought on these lines, then the techniques mentioned below will surely make you think twice. We are in the age wherein artists are creating artworks unlike ever before. The art collectors, on the other hand, are ready to buy contemporary art which appeases them while paying no attention to other attributes.

Right from new-age art to traditional Indian art, there are innumerable artists who are dealing in all genres of painting. There is no denial to the fact that making a unique reputation is everything an artist desires for. However, in the crowd of immeasurable painters, there are some who have taken this yearning for recognition way too far. Generally, artists are recognised by what they create, but the ones mentioned below are known for the materials they use while painting. From basketball to body parts, here are six artists who have demonstrated that practically anything can be used while painting on the canvas.

  • The Tongue Painter: Ani K
    Why need a hundred kinds of brushes when you can paint with something which god gave you? Ani K, a drawing teacher by profession, uses his tongue to create beautiful paintings. He has completed over 20 creations till now using the strongest muscle of the human body. One of his most astonishing artworks is an 8 ft. wide version of Leonardo da Vinci’s “The Last Supper”. Ani took almost five months to complete it.
  • The Fire Painter: Steve Spazuk
    Using an element as whimsical as fire, painter Steve Spazuk creates magical and mythical portraits of humans and birds. Known worldwide as a fire painter, he uses the flame of a candle to create fairy-tale depictions of his subjects. The major part of the painting is created using a flame, and then he works around with feathers and tassels to create the look which he desires to see.
  • The Eye Painter: Xiang Chen
    This Chinese artist uses a gigantic 4.4 pound paintbrush that is attached to his eye in order to give a physical structure to his imagination. Chen’s technique is quite unique in itself as he inserts a flat metal part of the brush’s end under his eyelids and then drags it around in an attempt to paint calligraphy paintings. He still hasn’t mastered perfection, but he manages to leave the audience in awe as they admire the uniqueness of his innovative painting technique.
  • The Human Blood Painter: Vinicius Quesada
    This Brazilian street artist is talented beyond the comparison as he has taken his instinct of creating something new to an entirely different level. Quesada likes to add a certain shock value to his paintings and this gave birth to the series entitled ‘Blood Piss Blues’ which was created using precisely the same— blood and urine. He has an eye for attention and makes psychedelic art with incredible details. Art lovers who buy contemporary art are great admirers of his work and view it as a great investment piece.
  • The Human Ashes Painter: Val Thompson
    Sand paintings-common; human ash paintings- extremely uncommon! Val Thompson is fascinated to use various elements into paint in order to give texture to the canvas. She ends up using a very unique and bizarre element called human ashes in her paintings. After her brother’s recommendation she has started her career into making these unique paintings.
  • The Breasts Painter: Kira Ayn Varszegi
    This American artist has gone up a notch to create abstract paintings. Instead of using fibre brushes, Kira utilises her breasts to produce artworks. The technique used by her is pretty simple in application as she applies oil paints directly to her breasts and pushes them on the canvas in order to achieve the look which she is aiming for. However, for those who are thinking that this is silly, people buy contemporary art pieces designed by Kira from eBay for hundreds of dollars.

Aforementioned are those six innovative painters who took their love for creating something new to an entirely different level. Usage of these techniques has definitely helped them in creating their distinct place in the world of art and people are looking forward to buy contemporary art pieces created by them.