Originated in the Thanjavur during the Maratha period in the 16th century, Tanjore paintings symbolize an inimitable and vibrant realm. They have been considered as one of the most renowned forms of artwork specifically found in Southern India. These are a form of Indian contemporary art evidently represent the outlook of Indian prehistoric scriptures of Hindu religion. Interestingly, the artists make use of valuable and precious stones, ornaments, exotic media like ivory, mirror, mica and vibrant colors the Tanjore paintings hold a distinctive place in the history of Indian paintings.

Broadly speaking, the Tanjore paintings normally have one figure, typically a Hindu God, Goddess or saint with stunning manifestation and eyes. You will see the imagery of famous Hindu Gods like Vishnu-Lakhmi, Shiva-Parvati, Lord Ganesh, and Krishna is the mainstream of the Tanjore paintings. The artists largely make use of gems of different colors and gold leaves to form an exceedingly long-lasting shine in these paintings.

Indian contemporary art paintings are typically designed on wood and cloth made canvases. In order to give a 3D effect in their paintings, the painters mainly use limestone and any binging medium. In the earlier times, the paintings were created with the usage of natural pigments, which now have been substituted with various chemical colors. 

If you try to go through the paintings meticulously, then you will realize that the artists use very specific colors to design each and every painting. For instance, they make use of green or red for creating the background and dark brown for outlining the figure. Additionally, they use a yellow color to paint the Goddesses, blue color to symbolize the sky and so on. 

These paintings are basically classified broadly into three main parts, namely:

Antique- In antique paintings, the usage of colors and backgrounds are pretty moderate.

Classic- The classic Tanjore paintings have very strong and diverse colors, which have improved with shimmering gold foil.

Embossed- Lastly, the embossed Tanjore paintings are very much akin to classic paintings and most of them are majorly super embossed.

The Tanjore paintings are wholly and solely the heavenly forms of expression of exquisiteness, God, and truth. Decorate your home walls with beautiful paintings and enliven your surroundings. If you are Indian art dealers and looking for different types of unique art paintings online then do get in touch with our team of experts.