Social media is a powerful tool in today’s world to improve your business. If someone reading this is wondering how, answer this -Where individuals probably spent most of their time or what is their favorite pass time thing to do? Browsing Instagram? Facebook? Pinterest? Or some other social media app?


That is why it is important for artists also to make their presence felt through these social media platforms. We say so as clearly being where most of the people are is a good way to come in the eyes of the interested.

Apart from being consistent, social and active, there are a lot of other factors as well that you should know of.

Hence, in this blog, we answer the three quintessential Ws of Social Media for you. Let’s begin decoding the code to your art business success through social media now, keep reading.

What should you post?

  • Keep the ratio of 8:2- Always remember the very purpose of people using social media. Why do they use it? They use it because they want to see something that excites them and entertains them. They are not there for seeing promotional posts all the time. Keep in mind that individuals will only follow you when they will find your page worth following and clearly they won’t follow you if you will keep asking them to buy the contemporary paintings you sell. So, stick to the rule of 8:2 i.e. 8% content should be entertaining and the rest 2% can be promotional then.
  • Finds new ways to keep your supporters engaged- For entertaining fans and keeping them engaged with your brand, you need to post interesting photos of the contemporary paintings you make. In fact, not just photos, videos are also a good way to engage your audience. You can make a time lapse video of you making an artwork. You can even begin your own YouTube channel where you can teach easy painting techniques to your audience. Give a sneak peek to the followers about your next art show, auction or exhibition. You can even write in the caption- What this makes you feel? How did you like it? And caption this. All this gives your audience a reason to comment on your posts.

How should you post?

  • Make different strategies for different platforms- Every social media channel has different benefits and different kind of audiences. It’s great that many social media application like Instagram provides you the option to switch your profile to private, public or Business. By turning your profile into a business one, you get the opportunity to observe what kind of posts are interesting your audience more and many other such things. So, observe the analytics that the social media application provide you and work upon your strategies for each kind of channel accordingly. For instance, post albums of your work on Facebook and Instagram and the best picture on Pinterest as Pinterest doesn’t have the option of album.

 Where should you post?

  • Prioritize a few channels- Understand that it is better to stay focused. So, find the social media channels that work for selling your contemporary paintings the most. After finding them, stay focused on building the followers and feed on those social media channels only. In the case of artist Instagram ad Facebook would work the best probably.

When should you post?

  • Give time to content creation first- By creation we aren’t ask you to work on the contemporary paintings you make more robustly. That you obviously would be doing already, herein, we are asking you to plan the feed of your social media pages. Doing so will also give you time to analyze the time and days of the week when your followers are most active.
  • Schedule your posts- After planning what all you will be posting on your feed, it’s time to make those posts. After doing the same, you can schedule the posts according to the time when you find your users more active. Moreover, if you are new and are still building your following, you should post at least three times in a day. Scheduling posts is a good way to save your time and dedicate the same in making the artworks.

  • Never forget to follow up- Following up each day at least for an hour is a good way to see yourself growing and staying motivated. Besides, it is also a good way to make your fans feel important. Liking the comments or commenting back is a good way to keep your existing followers intact.

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Creating goodwill and promoting your work smartly by entertaining your audience is a good way to increase the sale of your work. Just know that 81% users have observed the change in their business after making and running their social media accounts properly and you too will observe it soon. However, till the time you don’t just keep hustling.