Roads have been decorated. There is nip in the air. Choirs are singing carol. The countdown has begun and holiday season is here! It is that time of the year when mothers cook sumptuous meals and all we want to do is eat, pray and make merry with our near and dear ones. During this time of the year, the spirit levels are usually high and kitchens are more alive than ever. If you are a home-maker, you will agree with us that although you spend most of your time preparing meals for your family and friends in kitchen, kitchen is the most overlooked part of your house. So, this year as you get in the festive groove and decide to give your home a makeover, we recommend that you must not overlook your kitchen.

For ages, people have been using artworks to give a quick makeover to their homes. While they hang carefully chosen contemporary art paintings on the walls of their living room to uplift the mood and spirit of their homes, they usually ignore the vacant space available above their kitchen counter while scouting for places to showcase their artworks. A prominent market research firm conducted a survey in 2015 which suggests that in a week, people around the world spend about 6.5 hours on an average in kitchen. Considering the time that people usually spend in kitchen, it seems a nice idea to introduce a soothing landscape photograph or rejuvenating contemporary art in kitchen that will give the onlooker a pleasant escape from the dull and tiring routine of doing dishes. So, the next time you decide to buy art, consider buying a piece or two to break the monotony and showcase in your kitchen.

If you are wondering how one can exhibit art in kitchen and make it come alive, do a search on Internet to get some quick tips and innovative ideas. Internet is filled with brilliant innovative ideas about how to bring colors in kitchen and permeate it with art and style. To make your task easy, we searched through the Internet to bring together some amazingly creative and exquisite ideas about the best possible and affordable ways to showcase artwork in the most popular, yet overlooked area of your house. Read through the following pointers and get inspired to introduce art in your kitchen.

1. Add bold flavor to an all-white kitchen by featuring an abstract painting or a striking contemporary art to. While buying paintings for your kitchen, select paintings that will infuse colors in your contemporary kitchen and will also complement the existing textures.

2. Have a blank space above the backsplash? No problem, convert it into a visual delight by arranging some mesmerizing landscape paintings and draw people’s attention from cluttered kitchen to refreshing outdoor.

3. Lend a well-balanced look to your kitchen space by arranging similar or paired artworks. Featuring similar artwork in matching frames is an easy and efficient way to zest up the décor of your kitchen.

4. Create a sophisticated gallery wall in your kitchen area to showcase a collection of your favorite artworks with style. Gallery wall is an effective way for displaying small photographs and contemporary paintings.

5. If you think that only large kitchens can accommodate art, then you are wrong. Even compact kitchens have ample room to showcase some of smaller art pieces from your art collection. You can display small contemporary art paintings on the doors or side of cabinets and on end walls and transform an unused space.

6. If you want to experiment with contemporary art and feature it in your kitchen but don’t have enough empty space, then consider placing the artwork on top of open shelving or cabinets to an element of color in your kitchen. Framed arts exhibited on open shelves also help in breaking the monotony.

7. Transform the built-in seating or dining area that your kitchen has to offer by featuring some art. This will align the dining area with the décor of rest of your home and uplift the mood of your living space.

If you will observe your settings carefully, you will find there is always some space to showcase that extra piece of artwork. All you need to do is keep your eyes open and be ready for experimenting. So, the next time you plan to buy contemporary art painting, buy an extra painting for your kitchen.