Popularly known as the ‘art of today’, contemporary art is a dynamic combination of materials, processes, techniques, themes, and subjects that challenge the established norms, principles, and practices of art. Being created in a globally influenced, culturally diverse, and technologically advancing world, contemporary artworks are highly eclectic, capable of making any space zesty and vibrant instantly. However, to add an extra dose of charm to your decor with contemporary paintings, it is imperative to put in a fair amount of consideration into hanging it correctly.

To help you, we have put together some simple tips to help you hang your newly acquired prized contemporary art paintings up and reap their rewards.

Contemplate the Size of Your Wall

Keep this rule in mind, larger walls call for bigger pieces of artwork or a taller and wider arrangement of smaller paintings. Whilst, the skinnier walls need narrow works of art or maybe smaller pieces stacked cohesively vertically. So, give due consideration to the scale of the available wall space in your home while planning to hang your contemporary paintings.

As contemporary pieces are usually infused with colors and textures, also try mixing and matching them with your wall color and theme so that it works better with the surroundings and accentuates the entire look of the space.

Consider The Size Of Your Furniture

While hanging your favorite piece of contemporary art paintings over a piece of furniture, ensure that the width of the artwork does not exceed the width of that piece of furniture. In fact, it is best to have the piece of art to be 3/4 to 4/5 of the width of your furniture and about 4-6 inches above the sofa or console.

Think in Terms of Symmetry

If you have a collection of contemporary art paintings, you can hang your beloved pieces of art in an arrangement that complements the primary purpose of your space. In a formal, balanced room like living rooms, you can go for a symmetrical display arrangement that will infuse a calming mood to the setting. Sometimes, asymmetry also works well in achieving a neat effect in more casual and fun spaces, you can consider hanging your contemporary pieces asymmetrically in your game rooms, lounge, etc.

Create and Pursue a Theme

This technique is quite a fun practice that you can consider undertaking alone or maybe with family and friends. With your contemporary art paintings at your disposal, choose a set of colors or frame artworks adhering to a particular theme. Don’t limit this to just one wall but you can also spread more paintings among the other walls to finish implementing out the idea.

In case you have a dearth of theme ideas, simply look for cues in your existing room decor settings and surroundings. One of the easiest themes, to begin with, can be famous contemporary artists and their gorgeous paintings or even their prints.

Execute in Terms of Lines

Remember that you can hang your contemporary artworks in both vertical and horizontal lines of sight. The way you utilize these lines can help you further the mood and feel that you are going for in a particular space.

Hanging contemporary art on a vertical line gives a space more height, making it more formal, denoting a touch of sophistication and elegance while going for hanging art on a horizontal line gives a space more width, thereby making the walls seem longer and infusing a more casual appearance.

Don’t Hesitate from the Diagonal

Ideally, hanging any artwork on a diagonal is not advisable as it creates too much chaos for the eye and the mind. However, this arrangement can be pulled out brilliantly on odd-shaped walls or over stairways, adding interest, elements, and drama to otherwise muted wall space.

Treat as ‘units’ not ‘pieces’

While hanging a group of contemporary paintings, try treating them as a single cohesive unit. Plan the grouping beforehand by laying the artworks out on the floor in front of the wall and try different permutations and combinations until you come up with the perfect layout that works best. And to get it next to perfection, you can put in a little more effort and take it one step further by tracing the outline of each art piece on a large piece of newspaper or craft paper and then temporarily hang the paper on the wall to find out exactly where each piece looks best!

Though these are all great ideas, remember that every hanging option does not work for every space, so after careful consideration of your existing setting and available wall space, set aside, some time to figure out the best hanging option for your sweet home.

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Wrap up

Having the right knowledge will help you create the perfect display of your favorite contemporary paintings. If put to good use, our tips and tricks can help you transform each corner of your home into its own immersive gallery!

So what are you waiting for? Explore our expansive collection of contemporary art paintings and give your interiors an instant makeover.