Painting is easy when you don’t know how, but very difficult when you do

Edgar Degas

The world of art was never loved by the masses. When the first artist emerged on earth (imaginatively) I believe that people were amused, somewhat impressed but not at all happy.

In fact, it was not until the early 18th century, when the industrial revolution started to raise a new class of people (the middle class) in Europe and North America, that art was made available to the common people.

Before that time, only the elite class people, church personnel, and the royal families had access to the artworks. What’s more disgusting that the common people alive at the times of some amazing artworks were never able to see those paintings.

Anyhow, time changed, and somehow people have started to adore, accept, and even invest in the paintings. Today, in the 21st century, the art market is as big as $64 Billion. That’s more than the economy of Kenya and Costa Rica.

So, obviously, art has become a much different commodity than what it was before. Yes, I called it a commodity. Don’t be shocked. I believe in the value that an artwork possesses in itself but I also admit that the perception of artworks have transformed quite drastically than what it was before.

This is so because art has evolved through different forms and became what it is called today as ‘the contemporary’ style.

The contemporary form is the art of today. Believed to be started in the 1960s, this style of art is highly admired today by the art aficionados.

Some critics say that contemporary form is the death of art as we know it. However, art is and would never be objective. Art is a subjective term and depends on the perception of the observer.

An artwork that I find amusing and exquisite might look dull and stupid to you. You are not wrong there, neither I am.

That’s the beauty of contemporary paintings, the freeness to choose whatever implication you find in the artworks.

Mentioned below are some of the compelling reasons that make contemporary paintings so lovable among the art lovers:

Present representation

Contemporary paintings are a mirror reflection of today. Unlike the traditional forms where the artists took historical events, religious epics or past happenings as the subject matter, contemporary art witnessed the way people of our times live life.

The theme can be positive or negative, but the artwork does reflect our time epoch. So, anyone in the future can look at the contemporary paintings of today and can get the glimpse of human life in the 21st century.

Aesthetic and appealing

Although the contemporary form of art is more focused on the understanding or the interpretation that lies inside, I still find contemporary paintings as a treat for the eyes.

The beauty that lies in the vivacious strokes of the brush, the non-uniformity in the patterns, and the intricate designs present the gorgeous imaginations of the artists.


No one can deny that seeing a contemporary painting does offer a fresh and creative outlook of the artwork. Even the psychologists have admitted that observing contemporary artworks can really boost the creativity of the mind.  

The most famous of the contemporary practitioners or artists are often found saying that their rival’s or counterpart’s painting made them craft something more creative.


Out of several reasons, another bounding aspect that makes contemporary painting soothing is its meditative appeal. Have you ever tried to buy Indian art? Try seeking the contemporary paintings. Most of the artwork you would find will be so abstract and deep that it does bring your mind in such a state that’s similar to the state when we are meditating.

A lot of art experts spend alone time with the contemporary paintings because they say the latter provides a sense of calm and serenity. Isn’t that’s what people do meditation for?

Connecting with the people

When you look at a gorgeous contemporary painting, there is a hidden appeal that draws you towards the artist. The artistry of contemporary paintings is so mesmerizing and enriching that somehow observers get connected with the artist at a conscious level that no other form of art can do.

The brilliance

Traditional art forms were beautiful, but there was a sense of repetitiveness in almost all sorts of the paintings. Contemporary form, on the other hand, presents a totally different representation of the artist each time. The contemporary paintings are original on the concept, on the thought, and on the message that these want to convey.

Makes you happy

For someone who loves art, living in the present time epoch is a blessing. The contemporary form of art offers an unexplainable and embedded form of happiness inside your heart.

The fact that contemporary style is nothing but the artistic representation of present makes you feel like you are experiencing something more than an artwork.

Final few words

The contemporary style of paintings will be the documentation of our lives that would be available for the people in the future. Be it the value, the price, or the aesthetic that lies in the splash of colors, contemporary is truly one of the best-evolved forms that art has been able to take passing through the various styles and themes.

What do you think? Do you get excited about seeing a contemporary artwork? Want to share an awesome experience you had with contemporary paintings? Reach us in the comment section.