The title might have raised the levels of discomfort in some people while others will possibly enjoy their time reading it. Irrespective of the category to which you belong, the truth can’t be changed that nude figurative paintings are an indispensable part of the art world. Since time immemorial, artists have been creating them; however, taboos of the society dimmed the shine of this genre.

Nonetheless, art enthusiasts from all around the world have always exhibited their love for bare figurative painting and this is the main reason why artists have been creating them even after numerous hurdles. Generally, people consider it as vulgar and refrain from incorporating these paintings into the comfort of their homes. However, this is just a misconception; provocative art looks beautiful if it’s integrated exquisitely. Suiting more to the tastes of bold people, nude still life art pieces can give an entirely new look to the place where they are placed. It doesn’t just elevate the visual interest of a room but makes people turn their heads and appreciate the space. These paintings aren’t just restricted for a limited few, but anyone can add its strong presence elegantly. If you love such piece but have always been hesitant in placing nude figurative paintings in your home, then here are certain subtle tips which will help you incorporate these classic artworks tastefully.

  • Start small:
    Taking baby steps is always a logical and smart thing to do. Rather than purchasing a huge statement piece in the first instance, make efforts to add small pieces. There are numerous ways in which you can do that. If you have a gallery wall, then try switching one frame with that of a nude figurative painting or create a collage and add one small element of bare art. There are numerous ways in which you can breathe in the element of curiosity with these pieces. By doing so you will be bringing in the beauty of these artworks into your space without being too flashy. Your guests might not notice them straightaway, but a closer look will surely catch their fancy.
  • Use the power of layering:
    A recent trend which is sizzling the world of interior decoration, layering is a great way to add graphic attractiveness to any place. There are various ways in which you can add the aesthetic appeal of nude still life art pieces while being trendy at the same time. All you need is some framed prints or paintings. Choose a shelf or table and then start placing all the framed items one by one. You can opt for symmetry or asymmetry. Place them together in a way which appeals to you. A nude figurative painting peeking from the back of other artworks will look classy while adding the much-needed element of surprise to the place.
  • Explore the world of nude sculptures:
    Nude figurative paintings end up drawing far more attention than sculptures. Use it to your advantage and add amazement to your space with bare body sculptures. Such statues look really sophisticated near the entrance, staircase and other similar places. Avoid placing them in small spaces as they won’t look great in compact rooms. If you want to take your love for nude sculptures a notch higher, then invest in a fountain which has the statue as the statement piece. Place it in your garden to elevate the appeal of it. You can also opt for a similar piece near the entrance for an added portion of beauty.
  • Abstract nude figurative painting as a statement art:
    If you wish to incorporate a statement piece of an oversized artwork belonging to the genre of nude art, then look for the same in abstract themes. This will not only add the wow factor but will mellow down the boldness of a nude portrait. It’s like you’re giving a sneak peek of the beauty of a bare body without showing it directly. It won’t just add an element of interest but will surely make your guests spellbound. However, remember that the décor of the place complements this piece and in no way its beauty gets overpowered.