Diwali is a festival that is celebrated on the dark night of Amavasya or on the night of the new moon- the time when the Indian subcontinent is filled with absolute darkness. So, the festival of light was first celebrated in the Satyug to commemorate the arrival of Lord Raam back to Ayodhya after decimating evil in Lanka. Devotees worship Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha for prosperity and light candles and earthen lamps at their homes. They clean their dwelling places and decorate them with articles of religious motifs. You may also get paintings online for a discount this festive season for Narak Chaturdashi. It is believed that on this day around 6000 years ago, Satyabhama, one of the wives of Lord Krishna, Goddess Kaali and Lord Krishna had slain an Asura named Narkasur.

Here is a list of some ideas for Indian paintings that you may get online for giving an ethnic look this Diwali:-

1. Shri Yantra by Svahha Devi

Shri Yantra by Svahha Devi - Diwali Paintings Online

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Faith is something spiritual. You may not get any person to believe anything with which he doesn’t identify himself. Mystics and spiritual teachers believe that chanting Vedic mantras can streamline the dissipated Kundalini energy in one’s body. It may lead you to reach the highest level of conscious, the perfect alignment of Nadi, Chakra, Bindu, and Prana. Similarly, Yantras denote the positive energy associated with the power for which it is made. It is a geometrical arrangement of lines and figures designed in a way that reverberates and reflects the divine light at the times of darkness. Yantra is the embodiment of the deity in a circle that represents the esoteric mystical and spiritual existence. This above Yantra here is known as Shri Yantra. Nine intersecting triangles are encircled by lotus flower petals within a square. It is one of the most powerful Yantra of Hinduism belonging to the Shri Vidya sect. Symbolically, it signifies the balance i.e. the coming together of ever-changing female energy with the constant male energy.

2. Mahalakshmi by Deepali Mundra

Mahalakshmi by Deepali Mundra - Diwali Paintings Online

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Generally, Goddess Lakshmi is bedecked in jewels either in sitting or standing posture on a lotus flower. You may buy this painting online and decorate your home with this astute abstract art. The painting showcases five lotuses one upon the other. At their foot are three heads of elephants with elongated trunks. We can see a pair of owls on either side of lotuses. The face of Goddess Lakshmi rests at the beginning of the train of the lotuses. The Lakshmi painting features two palms on either side of owls, one in the bestowing gesture of wealth and the other one endowing blessings.

There is a lot of significance of lotuses or Padma in Hindu mythology. Goddess Sarasvati and Lord Brahma are also seen sitting over a lotus. The flower is the symbol of symmetry and balance in the universe. Lotus is important in Buddhism and Confucianism too as it signifies purity and attainment of truth and enlightenment.

You would be astonished to know that a group of owls is known as ‘parliament’ and the irony is that if you fool someone while jesting, the person is known as ‘ullu’, Hindi word for owl. Owl denotes a higher level of concentration because of his big eyes that seem to be fixated upon its goal. An owl is the Vahan or vehicle of Goddess Lakshmi. Therefore, it is auspicious if you spot an owl on a Diwali night. According to a myth, the owl is ‘Alakshmi’, sister of Lakshmi who brings bad luck, diseases, and loss.

3. Festival Night at Varanasi Ghat by Simran Sarkar

festival night at varansi ghat by Samiran Sarkar - Diwali Paintings Online

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The painting is filled with aesthetic grace as it captures the beauty of Varanasi Ghat on the night of Dev Deepawali. It is observed that ladies are worshipping Goddess Ganga by offering earthen lamps, flowers, and sweets. It is believed that Goddesses descend on earth to bathe in the holy Ganges on this day. It is celebrated on the full moon day of the holy month of Kartik also known as Kartika Snan. The artwork miraculously depicts the warm glow of light from the earthen lamps reflecting on the water of Ganges. Some women are seen weaving wreaths to be offered to Goddesses. Few boats are present by the side of the river bank for facilitating the movement of people across from one shore to another and to see from far how Ganga transforms into the night sky as the light from the little earthen lamps seems to flicker by the blowing breeze. It looks like heavenly stars have accompanied the Devis from the clouds to witness the sight to behold.

4. Ganesha - Prosperity begins with the peace by Nitu Chhajer

Ganesha prosperity begins with the peace by nitu chhajer - Diwali Paintings Online

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A circle is like another geometrical shape but for religious and spiritual people, it denotes the natural side of our existence. This figure is observed in almost every natural form such as a bubble, heavenly planets, stars, etc. it is ascribed to the Goddess Sarasvati and Lord Brahma. A circle neither has an end nor beginning. For Hindus, it means that the universe is infinite and cyclical. Whatever is happening has happened before and it will happen again. It denotes the chakra of supreme consciousness.

Ganesha is the God of intelligence and intellect. The painting depicts the child of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati in a meditative state. His eyes are closed and his countenance serene. His big ears form the backdrop of his image encircled by concentric circles made by joining even smaller circles that resemble big dots. A point or a Bindu in Hindu mythology is of significance. A point is ascribed to the parents of Lord of wisdom. His high forehead that represents his knowledge is smeared with an elongated ‘Tilak’. Vermillion is applied on the forehead in between the eyebrows to invoke the power of the subconscious that is misaligned by external forces. You may get this Ganesha painting online at this site.

Paintings and artworks have been an indispensable part of the Hindu lifestyle from the time immemorial. Get one for you this festive season and fill your home with the colors of light.