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As Ganesha has always been our chief guest as far as any auspicious occasion is considered, we are pleased to take you to your favorite Lord Ganesha idols and paintings, so that you can make your homes become more happening and full of blessings.

Oh! My Lord Ganesha, tu rehna sath hamesha’, a wish of every child who takes him as a friend is something that adds more value to his existence.

 Laddu lover, Ganesha truly rules everyone’s heart, old or young.

The “Ga” in Ganesha means “knowledge”, “na” means “salvation” and “isha” means “lord”. 

The son of Lord Shiva and Devi Parvati, Ganesha is known by multiple names worldwide like-Ganapati, Pitambar, Lambodara, Vinayaka, Gajanana and many more. Devotees pray to Lord Ganesha to remove obstacles and, for happy beginnings and good fortune. 

Let’s now unfold the spiritual significance of Ganesha’s various parts and the objects he carries along with him.

Symbolic description of Bappa

  1. The head of an elephant is known symbol to pave the way and clear all the barriers and obstacles coming in their way. 
  2. The large head represents wisdom, intelligence and powerful thinking.
  3. The large ears represent his ability to listen more, answer the prayers and troubles of the devotees. 
  4. The long trunk symbolizes the adaptability and efficiency to deal with different circumstances in life.
  5. The axe in Lord Ganesha’s hand represents righteousness, truth and the ability to repel obstacles while the modak represents the bliss and joy of spiritual pursuit.
  6. The lotus in the hand of Lord Ganesha represents the sweetness of self-realization, while the rope represents the force that brings the devotee close to God and to spiritual knowledge.
  7. The belly of Lord Ganesha represents the ability to patiently digest all experiences of life- both the good and bad.
  8. The mouse represents the wavering human desire and ego that Lord Ganesha controls. Lord Ganesha choosing a mouse as the vehicle also represents humbleness and the fact that all of us are equal. 
  9. The hand with broken tusk signifies his sacrifice.
  10. His entire body is believed to be a symbol of universe.

Ganesha’s elephant-head story

  1. Every child’s friend Ganesha was himself a normal boy long-long years back. But due to a small severe incident, his head was cut and to compensate the loss, an elephant’s head was placed in place of his real head. 
  2. One day, when Devi Parvati was taking bath, she asked her son Ganesha, to stand on the door of the room and guard the door.
  3. She asked him not to let anyone come inside the room. Ganesha followed his mother’s instructions religiously. Soon after, Lord Shiva came there looking for his wife.
  4. Following his mother’s command, Ganesha did not let his father enter the room. This made Lord Shiva angry and there started a fierce fight between the two.
  5. The battle ended when Lord Shiva used his weapon of destruction, ‘Trishul’ to cut off the head of Ganesha.
  6. When Devi Parvati came out hearing the shriek of Ganesha, the sight of beheaded Ganesha lying on the ground left her aghast. She asked Lord Shiva to bring Ganesha back to life.
  7. Lord Shiva had to succumb to Devi Parvati’s request and had to bring Ganesha back to life. In order to do so, he transplanted the head of an elephant on Ganesha’s body.
  8. At that instance, Devi Parvati among other Gods and Goddesses bestowed Ganesha with divine powers. He was also accorded a status as one of the chief God’s in Hindu religion.

Welcome Ganesha paintings this season and attract the happiness

The Gajanana is the symbol of wisdom and deep understanding of the world with an intellect to attain perfection in life. 

With the arrival of Diwali around the corner, everyone wants protection of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi to fight the evils of life. 

Indianartideas wishes you whole heartedly to follow the path of wisdom and lit your lives with beautifully adorned Ganesha idols, especially made by our famous artists, and bring all auspiciousness home.

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With the same constant theme as defined in our mythology but changing media of paintings, our famous artists have tried and tested everything to bend to the changing tastes of the upcoming new art lovers, thus adding more choices on the plate of buyers.

Ganesha, a symbol of purity mixed with luck and prosperity, finds place in almost everywhere from office, schools, colleges, cabins, to hospitals, hotels, etc. Ganesha paintings are created in such a way that they are well blend of both traditional as well as modern elements, with more emphasis as the decorative art piece.

Among the paintings inspired by Hindu religion, Ganesha paintings are among the most popular even internationally. It is because Ganesha paintings are not only considered as just a piece of art, but also a perfect choice for gifting on almost all the auspicious occasion.

Ganesha paintings and mix-n-match creativity

ganesha paintings

Today, every artist has his unique style of painting. Every artist wants to make almost perfect painting with new emerging modern styles and techniques. Ganesha paintings, today, have come way ahead of where they had been years ago. 

Varying media, sometimes oil, sometimes acrylic, sometimes watercolors, sometimes mixture of all in one painting, today Ganesha paintings are fast evolving as show piece in parallel to just a form of worshipping idol for prayers years ago.

With this, there evolved multiple options of Ganesha paintings each one having its own uniqueness and an ardent symbol of flourishing art industry.

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