Have you ever found yourself in a sticky situation where your best friend is getting married and you are clueless about what to give her as a wedding gift? Well, I found myself in the same situation last week when my childhood friend was all set to tie the knot with her longtime beau. Words like hard and daunting comes to my mind when I think about the ‘task’ that I had to accomplish. Really, it was tough for me to find something precious that could be gifted to a very dear friend of mine for her wedding. Neither the sparkle of gold and diamonds nor the colors of fancy cosmetics or sweet smell of expensive perfumes could measure the depth of our relation. I wanted to give her something that would reverberate what I felt for her and personify the warmth of my wishes for the new couple.

Wondering about what to buy, I aimlessly started scouting through internet for any probable fluke. It was purely by chance that I came across a beautifully curated art gallery. As I started exploring the gallery, I was stunned at the thought of the intangible treasure which can only be treasured with the emotions one carries and realized that a carefully chosen painting can only convey these emotions. It is beyond doubt that artworks that are capable of conveying your emotions are surely priceless and of more value than any materialistic thing ever. On further exploring the Internet, it was a pleasant surprise to see and realize the number and variety masterpieces that Indian Art offers. I ultimately found a mesmerizing Ganesha painting in the contemporary section of a gallery and could not take my eyes off the painting of the divine. There was an instant connect with the painting. I knew it then and there that this was going to be the perfect gift for my friend, for what better gifting option could have been there for a couple who were about to start there new life than showering them with the blessings of Lord Ganesha, the destroyer of obstacles.

Art, which was until recently confined to the walls of museums, art galleries and house of the riches has come a long way in terms of its reach and penetration into common market. Over the past couple of years, there has been a surge in the number of online art selling portals, which has bridged the ever existing gap between art and masses. Online portals enigmatically cater to the numerous feelings of art, artists and art collectors. They offer the best of the works through which the artists of India have expressed their thoughts and perceptions. From the enigmatic Tyeb Mehta to the works of Anjolie Ela Menon, from the Frida Kahlo of India to the maverick of Indian Art, M.F Hussain, the works of all are a click away. Not only these art selling platforms bring together the works of the greatest Indian artists, but they also patron and promote the artworks of apprentices. The quality and authenticity of the artworks on offer for sale are pretty much convincing. Moreover, these online art selling platforms boast of wide range of artworks that cater different tastes and varied budget. Such is the beauty of online portal that it brings all together regardless of the fact whether the artist like, F.N. Souza, celebrates the ugliness or someone like Raja Ravi Verma barely demarcates real life from canvas.

When I received the Ganesha painting at my home, I couldn’t resist and gave into the beauty of the painting. It was enchanting; such was the charm that it is almost impossible to put down in words. The sheer thought that the artwork will carry the intended message to the new happy couple was overwhelming. I was delighted that it was truly a gift that was going to be cherished for life long. The spark I saw in my friend’s eyes cannot be measured to any amount of happiness that I could have possibly given her. Today, as the frame adorns her family room, people visiting her abode often ask her where she got the enthralling Ganesha painting. Though, I don’t shy away from taking the credit for finding the perfect gift, but the actual credit goes to art selling web portals for brimming me with the happiness that no one could share for the beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.