Paintings and Idols of Lord Ganesha, the revered deity of Hindus make a popular gift option amongst members of the Hindu community during special occasions. Be it the inauguration of a new office or the ‘Griha Pravesh’ of a home, Ganesha paintings and idols make a popular gift amongst members of the Hindu community.

Children adore him for his friendly appearance and elderly worship him for his divine significance. People love to place Ganesha art s and idols in their homes, but they seldom think about the impact a Ganesha painting or a Ganesha idol can bring to their life.

In this blog, we attempt to inform our readers about the significance of having a Ganesha idol or painting in their homes of working space.

The Story of Lord Ganesha

Do you know that Lord Ganesha was once a normal boy and did not have an elephant head? There is an interesting story about how he got his mysterious elephant head, which goes something like this:

  1. One day, when Devi Parvati (wife of Hindu Lord Shiva) was preparing to take her routine bath, she asked her son Ganesha, to stand on the door of the room and guard it.
  2. She asked him not to let anyone come inside the room. Ganesha followed his mother’s instructions and started guarding the room. Soon after, Lord Shiva came there looking for his wife.
  3. Following his mother’s command, Ganesha did not let his father enter the room. This made Lord Shiva angry and there started a fierce fight between the two.
  4. The gruesome battle ended when Lord Shiva used his weapon of destruction, ‘Trishul’ to cut off the head of Ganesha.
  5. When Devi Parvati came out hearing the shriek of Ganesha, the sight of beheaded Ganesha lying on the ground left her aghast. She asked Lord Shiva to bring Ganesha back to life.
  6. Lord Shiva had to succumb to Devi Parvati’s request and had to bring Ganesha back to life. In order to do so, he transplanted the head of an elephant on Ganesha’s body.
  7. At that instance, Devi Parvati among other Gods and Goddesses bestowed Ganesha with divine powers. He was also accorded a status as one of the chief God’s in Hindu religion.

Symbolic Meaning of Lord Ganesha’s Appearance

There is a hidden meaning in everything. When an art lover like yourself is purchasing a Ganesha painting, what really captivates you?

To be true, there can be different elements which can keep your engrossed. For instance, the eye of Ganesha reflect the apex level of focus he head.

Similarly, big ears indicate that listening is more emphasized that speaking. Small mouth of Ganesha indicates that few words can do the needful if they are honoured with truth.

Along with this, the vast belly of Ganesha showcases that whatever comes to you (good or bad) you should be ready to ingest it.

The multiple arms (4 arms) of Lord Ganesha tells us his omnipresence and dominance. His 4 arms are further implied in different ways:

  • The hand with Axe is to curtail all the materialistic bonds.
  • The hand with lotus reminds us of purity from corruption even if surrounded by heinous environment.
  • The hand with broken tusk shows his sacrifice during the process of writing Mahabharata.
  • The entire body of Ganesha is believed to be a symbol of entire universe.

Why Should You Give Ganesha Paintings and Idols as Gifts?

Ganesha paintings and idols make perfect gifts for everyone and for every occasion.

  • Every devotee seeks the blessings of Lord Ganesha, especially before undertaking some new endeavour, like starting a new business, buying a new home, writing an exam or facing an interview.
  • Lord Ganesha paintings and idols are ideal gifting options for a newlywed couple to wish them luck for a blissful married life ahead.
  • People also consider giving Ganesha idol as a birthday gift to wish the recipient a successful year ahead. Ganesha idols are the most sought after gifts for housewarming ceremonies.
  • These idols provide a perfect way to wish your loved ones an auspicious and fruitful stay at the house.
  • Ganesha paintings and idols not only make an auspicious gifting option, but they can also be used to accentuate the visual and spiritual appeal of your home.

To sum it up, Ganesh idols and paintings are like seashells that have got gems of happiness and pearls of wisdom inside.