Irrefutably, artists, in the span of their entire artistic career, meet various kinds of people. These peoples can broadly be divided into two types. Some are those who actually love art and buy paintings from online art galleries to adorn their spaces while some, on the other hand, see paintings as an investment which can help them to multiply their money at the time of reselling. Hence, the inquisitions in the minds of both the kinds of buyers are completely different.

Clearly, every artist crosses path with both of these art lovers and thus they have to deal with both kind of enthusiasts and their inquisitions almost on a daily basis. Now, blame it on the redundancy of the questions, naivety or anything else, there is a long list of questions that artists are tired of hearing and answering. Why? Well! Because the answer to these questions is either too obvious or the questions themselves are completely senseless.

Moreover, although, some people do the mistake of asking these questions because they are novice in the world of art but there are also a handful of people who do so with an intention of belittling the artist or his artworks.

Nonetheless, this blog post is for all the art lovers. In this post, all those who are planning to buy paintings from online art outlets or from the offline alternatives for the first time, and the ones who are incessant art collectors will get to know some of the questions that piss artists off. So, take a look and check as you might be doing the gaffe of asking these questions too.

1. You paint abstract or real?

People who are completely oblivious to art ask this question and artist hate being asked this. Why? Because even if someone will have a little knowledge of art, he will not ask this question. Moreover, every painting even if it’s abstract is real. Real isn’t the right word. Paintings can be abstract, figurative or scenic but none of them can be unreal. They are tangible.

2. How was your mood when you made this painting? In which emotional state, do you usually prefer painting?

When people ask this question, they are asking an artist something which he might not even be remembering. For, instance, an artist might have had made a painting years ago when he was in high school. It isn’t necessary that he will remember the mood he was in while making that painting.

3. What inspires you? When did you realize you wanted to be an artist?

It isn’t necessary that the artist will have some particular moment when he would have felt like all that he wants to do is painting the canvases and carving the sculptures all his life.

4. How much time did it take to make this painting?

The duration that a painting has taken to finish differs, it might be years, months, days or even hours. So, if you like it, buy it. How would the duration make a difference?

5. For how much your artworks get sold?

The price of paintings differ. For example, if an artist is selling art through online art selling platforms, the price on each platform would differ.

6. How would you describe the way you work and your paintings?

Every painting is different and has different descriptions. Generalizing things isn’t possible in this context.

7. Are these modern art pieces for sale?

No artist would want to put his paintings on sale. He has put in a lot of effort in the painting if you cannot buy it at the price he is selling it at, just walk away.

8. Isn’t it cool to not to have a job and still earn well in the comfort of your own home?

The tasks are not routine like jobs and hence the risk is high too.

9. What have you exactly painted in this?

Exactly what you are seeing in the painting is what an artist has painted on the canvas.

10. I love the amalgam of colors you use but I would love to own a monochromatic or black and white painting. Do you have one?

If you really love them and know this is what the artist makes then buy it instead of looking for something completely opposite.

11. How do you decide to stop making a painting? As in, when do you feel that the painting has finished and you don’t need to make further additions to it?

This is completely intuitive. There’s no specific answer to it.

This is just a stone throw in the sea of questions that artists don’t like hearing. Hence, art lovers should never ask these questions and should also not comment the aforementioned things while buying art from online art galleries etc.

Lastly, let us know in the comments section below if you have asked such questions to any artist. We will also love to read some comments by the artists telling us some other questions which they find irritating.