Woman are without any denial the most beautiful and bewitching creation ever. Indeed, they are an endowment to the world by the Almighty. They are the producers, nurtures and the one who tells what sharing, caring and loving in its supreme degree looks like. Moreover, in India, they are given a special cathedra. Females are considered as the disguised form of Goddesses and are thus worshipped during the celebration of many festivals. They are not just beautiful outside but inside as well. During their entire life, they play different roles, they are a mother, a daughter, a wife, and what not.

Nevertheless, artists never lose a chance to capture the beauty of nature and clearly, women are one such fine beings. In fact, some women in the history were so unbelievably attractive that not producing them onto the canvases would have been a slur to the repute of the Indian painters.

Take a glance as we mention six of such Indian woman paintings, in no particular order.

• Bani Thani-

Bani Thani - Indian Women Paintings

This is the most famous Indian woman painting from Rajasthan. This miniature painting, in particular, was made by Nihal Chand. The woman is Bani Thani who was a singer and poet in Kishangarh at the time when King Sawant Singh was ruling. Being compared to the painting of Mona Lisa, this painting has shown the features in an exaggerated form.

• Glow of Hope-

Glow of Hope - Indian Women Paintings

Often mistaken as the work of Raja Ravi Varma, this painting is actually the creation of S L Haldankar. The story behind this painting is quite interesting. The woman in the painting is the daughter of the painter. It is said that she stood still for three long hours so as to ensure that her father is able to complete the painting faultlessly. This watercolor masterpiece is also known as ‘A lady with a lamp’. As of now, the painting is securely housed at the Jaganmohan Palace in the Jaychama Rajendra Art Gallery of Mysore. The way light is shown affecting the face, the background and the fingers of the lady are enough to show how skilled the artist was.

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• Mohini-

Mohini - Indian Women Paintings

Made by Raja Ravi Varma, clearly, this painting is one of the most captivating works of Raja Ravi Varma. Mohini is believed to be the female avatar of Lord Vishnu. Not just the woman but the landscape too is created very realistically. Mohini is sitting on a swing in a white saree with golden lace. Just like every other Indian paintings that the artist has made, he has deployed the same blend of European and Indian painting techniques to make it look surreal.

• Three girls-

Three girls - Indian Women Paintings

This painting of rural women was made by the legendary female painter of India whose paintings have been sold at a whopping amount in Sotheby’s and Christie’s auctions. As a matter of fact, the three girls in the painting are her cousins. The painter died at the young age of 28 when most women welcome their first child. But with advancements in technology, today there is no best age to become a mother. All three Beant Kaur,Gurbhajan Kaur, and Narwair Kaur lived on to give birth to their children and see their grandchildren.

• Three Pujarins-

Three Pujarins - Indian Women Paintings

The most prominent Indian artist who adopted the modernist style of painting in the twentieth century was Jamini Roy. She made this painting with really vibrant and lively colors. The artwork is a visual delight due to the idiosyncratic features of the three women shown. For instance, the eyes can be compared to that of the shape of an almond.

• Tamil Girl with her Parrots-

Tamil Girl with her Parrots - Indian Women Paintings

The paintings of S Elayaraja are widely known for being as real as a photo. There are a very few artists whose painting style and technique are inimitable and Elayaraja is one of them. Though the artist has made many paintings, this painting, in particular, got a bit more recognition and appreciation than others. From the innocence on the face of the south Indian girl to the pleats of her apparel and the feathers of the parrot are done very carefully so as to make the painting look like a real image. Moreover, each of the painting he has ever created shows his attachment to the tradition and culture of Tamil Nadu.

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Every Indian woman painting is exquisite in its own way. However, every aforementioned Indian woman painting is being selected on the basis of region and popularity. Moreover, all of them are made by renowned Indian artists. Let us know in the comments which one is your favorite out of the ones mentioned in this blog. Also, don’t forget to share it with other art enthusiasts.