Indian art has always been loved and adored by people from all around the globe. There is something really intriguing and fascinating in every Indian artwork which makes every true art enthusiast opt for one.

However, if you are new in the arena of art collecting, then the most important thing that you should know is that art collection is a difficult nut to crack. Although, it is really easy to go through the Indian paintings and appreciate their beauty but buying one which suits your personal taste is not that easy.

Hence, here are some points which will help you in keeping your first step firmly in the world of the art collection. Additionally, the knowledge of these pointers is a must as it will help you to buy Indian artworks which are the perfect match for you and your space.

buy indian art

  • Learn the basics– Just like a toddler learns sitting and taking steps gradually; likewise, when you plan to buy Indian art, it becomes imperative for you to have a basic understanding and knowledge of the subject. Indian art though is just one of the many significant contributors in the world of art, still, it has a long list of art styles. Starting from the basics will help you in answering various questions including which painting should be bought when and which kind of painting would be more suitable for your house environment.
  • Follow art pages- There is no denial of the fact that books are still the most reliable and trusted source of gathering information about any given topic. But in the era where we carry the world in our pockets, no one generally prefers to go to a library. In such a case, one should follow artists and art-related pages on social media sites. Reading from the books will build a foundation by giving you more of the historical and archaic aspect of Indian art while opting for the online options will keep you updated with the newest trend and artists in the genre. Yet, if your thirst for reading about Indian art is not coming to an end, you can always download kindle for reading books digitally or order a physical copy of Indian art magazines or books online.
  • Make a list of art styles you love- After knowing a person better, we develop a sense of like and dislike for some of their specific traits. Similarly, after getting an overview of the various Indian Art forms and styles, you are bound to have some of your favorites and non-favorites. Make a list of the styles which suit your liking and then get started on the hunt to buy Indian art. If you are not an art collector, then it is advisable to cut down your list to at least top three of your loved art styles and then begin looking for paintings. By doing so you will be able to narrow down the options in advance which will save a lot of your time and mind.
  • Visit local and online art exhibitions- None of us ever restrains ourselves from doing activities that make us happy. Doing more of such activities is even better to further increase our knowledge of the subject. Paying a visit to a few local art exhibitions or witnessing some great online art exhibitions will widen the horizons of your knowledge of art. This is also the best way to look at the new artworks and new Indian Artists.
  • Handle the artwork with care- If you will follow all the aforementioned points but won’t pay heed to this, then every effort that you have put in buying the art piece will go in vain. So as to prolong the durability of the Indian artwork, one must handle the artwork very carefully. Direct sunlight, humidity prone spaces will definitely shorten the longevity of your artwork.


Briefly, if you are an art enthusiast or an art collector, having the required amount of knowledge is really essential. Apart from that, identifying the art style that you are more inclined to or resonate with, following art pages and visiting local and online exhibitions is mandatory if you want to buy the kind of artwork that not only you but everyone who sees, appreciates.  

Furthermore, if you buy Indian art after following the above-mentioned points, you will surely own an artwork that you will never want to take off from those walls. Let us know in the comments your inputs for new art enthusiasts and collectors.