Calligraphy is related to writing. It is one of the ancient arts of writing which is being practiced worldwide. It is basically designing and execution of words in a beautiful way which is different from the normal style of writing.It is a creative form of expressive writing.


This creative handwriting can be Chinese, Japanese, Western and Arabic calligraphy. Each style has its own way to decorate the letters and symbols. In China, the artist started writing poems on their paintings with the brushes. These styles are now a days being used in different places like invitation cards, tattoos, paintings, etc.


Yes, calligraphy is now-a-days being used in paintings in different ways. Whether it's readable or not, it doesn't matter, what matters is the painting on which the calligraphy is done becomes attractive for the viewer and looks amazing. The viewer tries to read the words and try to understand what the artist is trying to communicate to him through his painting. It helps to understand the emotion and idea of the artist as well as it provides a decorative beauty to the painting.


One of the most important techniques of doing calligraphy on painting is to choose the perfect pen or brush for it. You should choose what is comfortable to you so that you may bring out better with each practice. Another important thing required for good calligraphy on painting is ink. You may choose the ink carefully before starting the work.


The calligraphy is an indispensable element which compliments and improves the beauty of the whole picture. Painter uses the same material for calligraphy on the painting what a calligrapher use for the calligraphy. 


Through this post, I would like to discuss how calligraphy has created lot of difference in the art paintings. The advancement in technology has paved way for the artist of enhance their paintings simply by adding new techniques. And, one of which is usage of calligraphy.