Unquestionably, the spaces where art enthusiasts reside are the first of all the spaces that they decide to experiment with. They put their creative juices to work by testing their interior designing skills. Clearly, modern paintings and handicrafts are the essential ingredients of a perfect home decorating recipe. Hence, they buy Indian paintings online or offline for festooning the walls of their homes exquisitely. In Fact, the new art world entrants too do not consider seeking consultation from an expert in this regard. However, both the novice art buyers and the experienced ones end up making some grave imbecile mistakes while renovating and revamping the look of their personal spaces. One can advocate their mistakes by saying that mistakes are a part of life and a necessary process of learning

Even though they are, would anyone of you still want that mistake to be evident on the walls of your spaces? Will you want every guest to point it out to you every time they visit your space? 

If your answer to the fore asked questions is a big loud no, this blog post is for you. Herein, we have talked about the mistakes that every art lover makes. So take a look and know for yourself if you are making any of these mistakes and don’t repeat them ever again.

Mixing Different Art Styles Fervently

The most common mistake that art appreciators do is the placing of more than two art styles in the same room. This spoils the look of the room instead of elevating it. This happens mainly because art lovers, especially novice build an assortment of paintings of completely contradicting genres by following their instincts. Thus, they end up putting all the paintings they have bought on the walls without thinking about how that will look because those paintings are all that they have got. Another reason for this is that they have already invested in buying the paintings they own that they cannot splurge money in buying any other painting in the approaching months or year.

Therefore, it is advisable to have a theme or art style in mind before buying artworks. For instance, you can buy Indian paintings online, if you have made up your mind to build a collection of Indian paintings.

Exploding a Sea of Emotions

Placing various abstract, religious or traditional paintings all together in a single room will make it very chaotic and cluttered. So, you should hang paintings while keeping in mind the preferred ambience of the room. Ideally, a bedroom should have paintings promoting calmness and serenity. Moreover, the dining room should have paintings which help in increasing the hunger while the living room should have paintings elevating contentment and liveliness. Hence, you should place paintings accordingly.

Building an Art Gallery

Art fans are often seen getting too carried away by the idea of home revamping. They get so much so involved in the task that some of them end up overdoing it. They wreath the walls so munificently that their homes end up looking like some art galleries. In order to avoid this, you should group the paintings of similar art styles separately. Thereafter, you should decide the rooms they should be hanged in. However, if you are one of those who buys Indian paintings online quite often then you will surely be owning more Indian paintings than of any other kind. In that case, instead of bombarding one room with them place them in two rooms.

Epigrammatically, you should not mix various art styles and genres together. However, if you want to exude more than two art styles and don’t want the look of your house to be monotonous, you can keep a diverse theme for every room of the house. Moreover, if you are opting for a gallery wall art, you can buy Indian paintings online from Indian art Ideas along with modern painting. Thereafter, you can place them in a single room. The bottom line is you can mix two painting styles to the most, that too, very carefully. Avoid including more than a single painting of any genre other than the principal one. Furthermore, including a small-sized painting of another genre will make the intermingling seamless and beauteous.

Nonetheless, after reading this you should not restrain from using the creative decorator in you. It is quintessential to not to adhere to all the advice and tips conscientiously as the end look of the house might not satiate your senses then. You should not shy away from reflecting your taste and personality through your spaces.

So begin the idiosyncratic experience of rushing vivacity into your spaces today while keeping the foretold common mistakes in mind. Just avoid them and you will own home more welcoming and warming than ever.