Art can be described as a reflection of society, of the past or the present. Throughout history Indian art has played a major role in the depiction of social issues. Numerous talented artists have emerged through these years with exceptional designs and artistic styles. Earlier, Indian art was known for primarily for its rich traditional art history like Mughal paintings, Mysore paintings, Tanjore paintings etc. but gradually, contemporary paintings came to existence and gained notable recognition globally.

Indian art is as old as the civilization itself. It has earned appreciation from art lovers all over the world. Numerous architectures have now become famous tourist destinations. India has always been popular for art and its distinguished designs. Various historical remains have been explored in Indian subcontinent. The climate is thus, considered to be most suitable for preserving artifacts from history. Numerous wall paintings and cave paintings have been created in temples of earliest times. Sculptural installations can be related to diverse cultures like Ajanta and Ellora caves in Maharashtra have depictions of Buddhism at some points. Khajuraho has been known globally for its erotic sculptures. These spots have attracted many tourists all over the world.

Have you heard of famous painter Raj-Ravi Verma? He is one of the most celebrated names in Indian art. Some of his best paintings were made using oil on a canvas. His works were based on religious stories like mythologies of Hindu gods. Infact, many traditional paintings like Mysore and Tanjore included themes revolving around Hindu epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata. Some paintings illustrated life of Lord Krishna and his lady love Radha. Mughal paintings also emerged out when Mughals ruled over Indian subcontinent. These paintings included portraits of rulers and their families. They were generally miniature paintings and came in sort of little pages combines together. They are most venerated pieces of Indian art till date.

Indian art has a rich history but it doesn’t mean that there is lack of talent in India in modern times. Rather, numerous potential, young and talented artists are gaining worldwide recognition due to online portals as well. Contemporary art has been explored into variety of styles where anything and everything is possible. The international market is booming with astonishing contemporary paintings by Indian artists. So much that now Indian art is considered as Investment Boulevard. Art galleries have been established at every corner of the world and web portals are flooding with exquisite designs. Expensive auctions of Indian artworks are held globally and artists are achieving high prices for their paintings.

When you go to buy Indian art, you can recognize contemporary art as the form in which themes relate to the surroundings. Contemporary art originated in late 20th century and continues to be created. These paintings are influenced by the constant changes in society and even employ use of modern techniques. This art has advanced to high levels due to progression in technologies and westernization. With videography and photography, Indian art paintings are on to a big challenge. Artists try new ways to create paintings which look so original and natural.

India is a large nation with lots of natural beauty which has encouraged artists over time to create beautiful landscape paintings. The vibrant colors and unique styles bring out a whole new world into the painting. Today, people are living hectic lives and there is no contact with nature to achieve tranquility. This is when one gets the urge to buy Indian artand be able to reflect to nature whenever they want. These serene landscape paintings serve an opportunity to people to achieve calmness even if they do not find time to visit such beautiful destinations. It is overwhelming how an artist creates designs so skillfully!

Artworks are adored by people with passion of art. Even if photographs are available in market, a hand drawn painting by an exceptional artist works wonders to provide any person immense pleasure when they look at it.