Do you happen to be an artist who is scouting for platforms to sell his artworks? If you are, then one fact that you must consider before deciding on the platform is that the days of taking all your priced artworks from conventional art galleries to stores, only to sell a few paintings or prints, are long gone. Today art collectors and artists from across the world prefer to meet in a virtual set up to buy and sell artworks like paintings, sculptures, fine art prints, framed photography, sketches, drawings or just about any other piece of creative work that you can imagine.

There is no denial to that fact that it is more beneficial to sell art online, but how you should start selling artworks online is what that is challenging. We have come up with this blog that aims at elaborating five top tips to help you sell your artworks online. So go on and read through the blog to get some quick tips and insight.

Decide a Selling Platform

In comparison to traditional brick and mortar art galleries where you have to transport your artworks, it is easy to upload your painting over the internet. Additionally, you can add sounds and videos for promotion. This makes selling art online quite convenient. Though it is convenient, you still need to figure out a platform that you want to use to sell your work. Whether you want to create your own website, Facebook page, and Instagram account or sell your paintings on online art galleries, the choice is all yours. Galleries are one of the routes if you want to sell your art but don’t want to put the effort in when it comes to actually sell it, making the sale, shipping it and all that kind of thing.

Good Body of Work

When you plan to sell artworks online, regardless of the platform, one of the most important things is to have a good body of artworks. A good body of work would be maybe about 10 to 20 pieces of solid work. Not just a collection will lend you a look of professional artist, but it will also help buyers to know exactly what you are about just from looking at the collection for one minute. Even their two seconds are going to be really good for upcoming artists. People can recognize your work straightaway. Therefore, it is advisable before you plan to sell paintings online at art galleries or other platforms; you build a collection that you are happy with.

Your Shop Window

Tip three has to do with the presentation of your collection. Presentation is something that is necessary to sell art. It can be one of those things that are really difficult to get right. Consider a scenario were shopaholic passes by store with a dull shop window. Leave alone entering the shop, the person will not give the shop a second glance. The same is the case with your art selling platform. You should always consider the platform that you use to sell art as your shop window. And, to attract buyers, you need to make your shop window bright, lively, professional and friendly, all at the same time. An unkempt shop/collection put people off. If your Instagram page, Facebook or blog page looks messy and it has not got a theme, then it will adversely affect your online presence.

Build a Family    

It always helps to be a little proactive. Tip four has to do with this. It is recommended that you built a list of followers, supporters and people who really like your work. Our biggest recommendation is to somehow get hold of people’s e-mail addresses. One thing that you should keep in mind is that you cannot just sign somebody up without seeking their permission because it is actually against law to send people marketing e-mails when they have not asked for them.

Have Patience

In our opinion, Tip No. 5 is the most important and it’s the one people probably get wrong the most. Our Tip No. 5 is about having patience. Selling art online on platforms like art galleries or even on social media pages is not an overnight thing. It will take a long time, sometimes even years, to make your presence felt. So, when it comes to selling Indian paintings patience is the key.

These are the five efficient and easy to follow tips that will help you sell your artworks online. If you want to sell your artworks on our site, feel free to contact us for more details.