“A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people.”

  • Mahatma Gandhi

India is a land of rich culture and varied heritage, which is marked by innumerable festivals that are celebrated in the country. Although the external appearance of its people varies according to the culture prevalent in different regions but, the spirit of love and brotherhood remains the same throughout the nation. As Indians, we are accustomed to composite family structures and celebrating variety of festivals with families and friends. We have always been taught by our parents that it is better to give than to receive. Indian festive season forms the perfect occasion to follow this doctrine. The concept of exchanging presents is not only an accepted way to show your emotions and gratitude, but it also occupies an essential place in our social life. 

In India, the concept of presenting presents is not new; rather, exchanging presents is an integral part of Indian culture. Gifts are synonymous with happiness. Not only the recipient feels happy and excited about receiving gifts, but the giver also feels contented by giving gifts to someone special. The excitement lies in un-wrapping the gift. If this festive season, you want to see the same excitement on the faces of your loved ones, then consider giving them some unconventional gifts like fine art.

Before you step out to buy art as a gift for your loved ones, do your homework about the recipient diligently so that the art you buy suits the tastes and interests of the recipient. To help you choose a perfect art as a gift, we have come up with some tips and recommendations. Go ahead and take a look; you can thank us later.

Select something famous and unique: If you have decided to buy art, go for artworks that are famous and unique at the same time. If your budget allows, buy original paintings. If it does not, don’t lose heart, for you can always buy art prints of famous paintings. While buying art, keep the word “unique” in mind. Instead of buying an art print of ‘Mona Lisa,’ go for prints of famous paintings like Renoir’s Lise Sewing’ by or Emma at the Piano’ by Bellows.

Keep the preference of recipient in mind: Before you buy art, do some research and find out the preferences of the recipient. No matter how famous or exclusive the art is, if it isn’t something that matches the recipient’s interests then it’s a failure. Therefore, understanding the recipient’s personality and having an insight of his/her choice is the key to make your gifts exciting. Keeping the recipient’s choice in mind, buy something famous, unique and mesmerizing that the recipient will be delighted to receive.

Buy relevant art: Art is a wonderful gifting option for every occasion. You can gift art on any occasion, but if you want to make your gift special then buy art according to the occasion.  For example, suppose you are visiting a friend on the occasion of Diwali; in such scenario you can buy Ganesha paintings or paintings depicting ‘Ram Darbar’.

Gift a large or over-sized art: If your budget allows, buy large or over-sized art to maximize the effect. Large paintings lend an imperial look to a room. So, if you are sure that the recipient of the art has ample space to accommodate over-sized paintings, go ahead and buy the largest artwork that you can afford.

Buy art and get it framed: Frame adds to the beauty of a painting. So, if you are considering gifting paintings, then consider giving a framed painting. You can either buy a framed artwork or get it framed yourself.

Don’t overlook the presentation: As a frame enhances the beauty of a painting, a gift wrap enhances the value and appeal of a gift. Once you have bought art for gifting purpose, pack it creatively using colorful wraps and ribbons and hand over the gift to the recipient with a pleasant smile.

This festive season, do something unique; buy artworks for your loved ones. While buying artwork, keep these pivotal pointers handy to make the entire process effortless.

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