Buying paintings of any genre or style demand a lot of time and effort. Wasn’t it easy when we were kids? Now, the definition of home decoration has changed for us completely. Earlier, the idea of sprucing the house for us used to be pinning the photos of our friends, the superheroes we adore and the celebrities we aspire to be like. The icing on the cake still remains the wall art we used to create ourselves.

Sounds kiddish enough now. Isn’t it? But back then when we were kids, this is what used to be something we were proud of. Well, to be honest, I still am.

Nevertheless, now that we are not kids anymore, we know what home decoration actually means. But apparently knowing this obviously isn’t enough. Whenever most of us plan to buy Indian paintings, the very thought of it intimidates us.

Questions like- “What should I buy? From where should I buy? Should I buy Indian paintings or any other art style? How much should I invest?” start buzzing in our heads altogether.

So, if you want to unlock the secret code to buying great Indian artworks for your spaces take a look.

  • Do your Research

First of all, you need to educate yourself. Go to galleries, visit art shows and auctions. If you don’t have time for the same, you should search on the internet and read blogs and articles pertaining to the art world. Build an understanding of what some of the major art styles like Contemporary, abstract, modern and traditional mean.  Moreover, also read about some prominent and emerging Indian artists. This will help you in understanding which sort of painting you like the most and will also save you from the embarrassment of not knowing anything about art at the time you will go to buy art. Also, don’t ask people for opinions at this point in time, learn and analyze things on your own.

  • Choose your Location

Observe not just the walls but every nook and corner of your house. Do so to decide the place where you would place the painting you will buy. Remember paintings are not just meant for hanging, they can also be placed on the bed heads, empty corners, tabletops, and shelves. The paintings can also lean towards the wall instead of being hanged highly on it. So search a place in your house that will be the best. Also, ascertain what the position of the painting would be if placed in the places you are considering for the purpose.

Indian Paintings

  • Take Care of your Space

Start caring about the space you have chosen. If it has cracks or has specs of dirt, cleans it. Following this step is necessary as a not so neat space would ruin the newness that the new painting has and will also dim its shine. Moreover, if the space you have chosen is dark, place painting that is full of bright colors and places a painting with neutral colors if space is already too bright and gay. The space you have selected will also help you in deciding the size of the painting.

  • Decide on a Budget

After ascertaining the style and genre of the painting that you wish to buy and knowing the size, it will become way easier for you to decide the budget. This way when you will go to buy Indian paintings, you will be able to resist yourself from buying a painting that won’t fit your budget. Setting a budget is always a smart way to not exceed the amount you should pay as you might regret going over budget later.

  • Choose a Color, Style or Theme or Inspiration

Look at the list of art styles and the genre that you made while researching. While keeping that in mind, begin analyzing the works you see in the gallery. If you happen to like a few of the paintings but are willing to buy only one, start comparing them. Imagine the space for which you are buying the painting, try to get an idea of which of the paintings you lie would look the best there. Buy the one that does.

  • Buy what you Love

If the work speaks to you and makes you gaze at it while you are visiting an art gallery to buy paintings online, buy it. Never take the opinions of others into consideration while buying a painting, your painting should firstly appease you.

After purchasing and hanging or placing the painting look at the lighting aspect. Lighting is extremely important for any artwork to look its best. Choose warm or cool artificial lightings for space where you will place the paintings. Just remember to keep them away from direct sunlight.