A simple google search on “online art galleries” throws up more than 300 websites that specifically sell original art online. It proves that people no longer hesitate to buy paintings virtually nowadays and as such the online art market is blooming. With high disposable incomes, young buyers are turning into art collectors for the very first time as the cost of good art has reduced driven by competition as well as reduced costs of transactions. Logistical costs of an online art gallery are much cheaper than traditional art galleries and hence price benefits can be passed onto buyers. Also, online art galleries display a wide variety of art which is readily available over the Internet. It is a trend that has been predominantly driven by the increase in the number of online art websites that offer exquisite paintings at reasonable prices. With so many options, choosing an online art gallery to buy paintings online becomes a difficult task.  To save yourself from the struggles of exploring numerous online art galleries before settling for one, read through this blog to get acquainted with things that you should be looking for in an online art gallery.

What is The Deal About Online Art Gallery?

Before starting, it is important that you understand the term, “online art gallery.” An online art gallery provides the same platform as a brick and mortar gallery that brings artists and art buyers together, except for the fact that it is a virtual platform. It exists over the Internet. An online art gallery helps the artists associated with it prepare their work, which comprises setting prices, posting pictures, description writing and also writing a small brief up about the artists. It posts the art on its site, adds it to various collections and features it where possible. It endorses the works of artists and increases their visibility. Because many online galleries charge a low commission or trivial listing fee, they help bring down the price of artworks.  

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Trusting an online gallery

Treading through the maze of numerous online art galleries can be overwhelming. So the question is how do you determine the ones that are worth your time and money? We recommend that those who plan to buy paintings online should consider things like how long the gallery has been in existence, the size of its membership and artist and customer reviews. These things speak for a reputable site.

If you come across something good, then we suggest a quick look through the gallery’s website can help you determine whether to make the purchase or not. A frequently update inventory, high-quality art at the display, up-to-date informative services like blog and testimonials are the things that you should be looking at while browsing through online galleries.

In addition to these, clear terms and conditions, shipping and payment procedure, secure shopping, hassle-free ordering process and clear refund and return policy are the indicators of a reputable online art gallery.

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If you buy an original work of art, we strongly recommend obtaining a certificate or letter from the artist or gallery that establishes that the artwork is genuine. This certificate will not only prove the legitimacy of the artwork, but it also contains specifics about the artwork for the buyer’s reference. Always go for a gallery that provides you with a proof of authenticity, like a certificate or a letter.

Final considerations

One of the biggest goals of online art galleries is to make art accessible to every Tom, Dick, and Harry and help artists sell and promote their artworks. We ensure that research based on the aspects and advises discussed in this blog will go a long way and help you find a reputable online art gallery from where you can buy Indian paintings without having a second thought.