Every now and then, artists and art galleries make it to the headlines primarily because of two reasons. Former being the sale of their painting at a whopping amount and the latter pertaining to the recognition they received at national and international level. This has led to a perception in the minds of people that art is an item of luxury. According to them, affordable art is a term which exists only in texts and has no relevance in real life. Well, this had been true to a large extent till the time various mediums to buy art emerged. Along with it the sources to buy art, too, increased which gave the power to control the market in the hands of buyers instead of the sellers.

Hence, in this blog post, you will get to know the various mediums and places through which you can buy art without digging a hole in your pocket. Take a look.

•    Look for Paintings on Sale-

There has been an evident rise in the online art market. The quantity of artworks, too, has increased because of this. This is why many times the online gallerists put art paintings for sale. The availability of various paintings at discounted prices is nothing new. The art lovers can even visit local art shops for buying an original artwork or the prints of original artworks.

•    Keep an Eye on New and Emerging Artists-

The paintings of every famous artist are always pricey. However, if you are really fond of the creations of one such famous artist, you should look for paintings of paintings of the same genre. You can find a new artist who makes paintings of the same style. This way you will be able to buy paintings according to your personal taste as the artists sell their paintings at an affordable price in order to gain as many eyeballs as they can.

•    Opt For Lithographs or Prints-

The prints of original artworks will cost you less than half of what you will pay for the original artworks. Lithographs too come at a less price than that of the original. Hence, the most affordable art buying option is buying a lithograph or a print of the original piece of art.

•    Buy Paintings from Resellers-

Though there is enough skepticism when it comes to buying paintings from resellers, buying from genuine resellers can make you own a beauteous painting which will fit your budget. However, if you will run after the work of famous artists, the art paintings for sale too will not be pocket-friendly. Hence, you should always focus on buying paintings which are enticing and not those who are made by known artists. Moreover, the name of the artist should not affect your purchase if you are considering it as an investment. Every art enthusiast should focus on buying the kind of art that fits their budget and complements the interiors of their space.

•    Go to Post-Auction Sales-

Post-auction sales are the sales where the vendor puts art paintings for sale just after the auction. The post-auction sale happens when the seller doesn’t get even the lowest price that he expected to get. In such situations, the artwork is marked as unsold and is still put for sales. The potential buyers tell the maximum amount that they are willing to give to the auctioneer. If the auctioneer accepts the price that you are willing to pay, he sells it to you without bidding.

•    Switch to Online Art Galleries-

In today’s busy life where people carry the world in their pockets, it becomes difficult for them to take out time to visit galleries, art fairs, and exhibitions. Though visiting them is necessary for every art enthusiast to gain knowledge of the same, one should choose online art galleries when it comes to buying. The online art market is very reliable and puts art paintings for sale frequently. This not only will help you in owning an artwork within your budget but will also save a lot of your time.

In a nutshell, finding affordable art paintings is not that easy but is not difficult as well. You should always look for paintings which fit your budget and should avoid getting enticed by the ones which are pricey. Moreover, you can also request the seller to allow you to pay in installments. You should always have a good rapport with artists whose works you find awesome. So, let us know in the comments regarding other options for buying paintings on a budget.

Happy Buying!