Art is only valuable if it reaches to the right audience. As an artist, you know how much creativity and hard work you have poured in to bring the most appealing artwork.

Gone are the days when you had only one option to promote your artwork or create a rumble about your paintings; brick & mortar art gallery.

Today, art enthusiasts (if want to buy Indian art or artwork from any part of the world) route towards the social media.

Technology has really revamped the entire process. People can explore the different genre of art on the internet only and make the purchase too.

Social media, a by-product of high-end technology has become an ultimate legend for the art lovers & makers. Not only art lovers, but artists are also beginning to recognize the power social networking platforms hold.

You can find all the top artists, top art brands, and various exhibitioners such as the owners of an abstract art gallery and similar on the social media pages very easily. Geographic locations and cultural diversities are no longer the bottlenecks that held art admirers away from the artists in the past.

Through this blog, I am going to scribble down the tips that will help you in making an apt use of social media platforms to connect with the right audience. Let’s begin:

Personalisation still holds the key

Social media holds a vast amount of people. So simply promoting your artwork does not do any good.

What you require to understand is that people are on social media because they love to engage in a personal approach.

So, while you post pictures of your paintings on social media, ensure to share your own picture, or name, or words about the work.

The people on the social media love to know about the ‘who’ along with the ‘what’. Give them what they want.

Share your journey, tell them what inspires you to sketch a particular artwork, or just tell what you feel about your profession.

If you want more and more audience to be drawn towards your work, get them closer to you first. Giving a personal touch is what makes a talented artist successful too.


Remember that social media works on algorithms. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and others always encourage the people to share their work.

There is a catch though!

All the social media platforms notice your sharing pattern much closer than you think.

People who decide to buy Indian art will not make the decision overnight. They tend to stick with the pages and communities that offer a regular update on the feed.

For instance, if you plan to share 10 pictures every day, make sure to follow it. Even if the number is 1 and not 10, consistency should be maintained.

If you keep your social media page non-uniform with respect to the posting pattern, it is going to trim the authenticity of you as a brand. Art lovers admire the consistent flow of information.

Always devise a plan and ensure to follow it.

Find the right timings for different social media daises and your audience.

You can also schedule your posts using numerous automation tools so that a uniformity is consistently maintained.

Tactically plan out

Never do something because everyone is doing it. Instead, think what do you want?

Why are you even on social media? Do you want to sell your work? Or you just want to increase your reach?

What is it?

Once you know what your objective is, you can start working out on your action plat more strategically.

You can start by commenting on other pages or accounts or discussions so as to increase the engagement with the right people.

Also, you can strategize the content depending on what yield you expect. Post pictures, write-ups and others in conformation with your goal only.

People, brands, and businesses that have clarity in their objectives are the ones with a solid voice for the social media audience.

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Assess the analytics

It is important to note that people who are looking to buy Indian art are actually influenced by your strategies or not.

You may think “I am an artist, why the hell should I worry about analytics and all”, right?

This is right to an extent.

But gaining a bit of knowledge on the behavioural pattern of your target audience can offer you an enhanced action plan. You can save immense time & efforts and can engage the relatable audience on daily basis.

What makes an artist successful is 70% talent and 30% knowledge. It’s free, grab it!