India is a land of diversity in culture, region, religion and language which has influenced the nation's art as well. A huge portion of Indian artworks are influenced by different religions and culture of the nation. Paintings, architecture, folk dance and other art forms are also influenced by the culture and religion.

History says that world's famous civilization Indus valley was established in India. Since then Indian art got influenced by different cultures of the Aryan, the Mughals, the Dravidian, Europeans and the Hindus. Other than the cultures of people of India, the beliefs influence the nature of art. The Art Experts feel that the religion is the way of life and its effects can be clearly seen in the works of the artists.

Indian painters create different types of paintings like Lord Krishna or the life of Lord Krishna for which the inspiration comes from the events which are related to the lives of Hindu God. Not even from Hindu Gods, the Indian painting and architecture got influenced by the Islamic period. An era of Indian art was created by influence from Persian art and a number of those works have been depicted in the form of miniatures in tempera on paper.

The belief of the Indian people on Gods and Goddesses for which they have been creating a large number of temples and majority of these temples carry a lot of paintings, artworks and architecture. People worship them and love to walk on their given path so that they may get heaven after death.

In simple words, Indian language, culture and religion have influenced Indian paintings, artworks and architecture. To know India in a better way, Indian artworks and paintings would be the perfect media for you. Purchasing Indian art would make you feel closer to your culture and religion.