India probably has not witnessed so much interest of people in art as much as it is seeing now. Though India from the ancient times has been the paradise of art but buying the same has always been considered as the hobby of the rich class. Moreover, art has always been an item of luxury and not of necessity. Hence, people didn’t like the idea of splurging money on artworks. But now, the times have changed and the public is gradually getting more and more fond of attending art auctions, exhibitions etc. The clear fact proving the rising interest of people in art is that the sales have doubled to $95 million in six years. Prior to six years, the sales slope of India art market was very dwindling and wavy.

Thus, in this blog post, you will get to know much of the news related to Indian Art market and an idea of what Indian market was before six years from now.

Indian art market 6 years before

In 2011, six years back from now, the market for Indian art was rising but the growth very stagnant and steep. Precisely, it was a decade when sales figure made news more than the artists.

The first ever auction held by Sotheby’s which was dedicated to Indian art was held in 1995 in New York. During 2001-2010 the auction market rose from $5million to approximately $85 million. The decade also witnessed the launch of Saffron Art, India’s largest auction house. The auction house further boosted the process of auctioneering which established it among the international veterans like Christie’s and Sotheby’s. 

Nonetheless, all of these figures were not contributing in accelerating the growth in the desired way of the Indian art Market. Moreover, Indian contemporary art was not getting any kind of recognition.

However, the growth after 6 years has been phenomenal. Take a look.

Indian art market now

The appetite for Indian Art is now seemingly getting more and more insatiable. Here are few of the major highlights of the same-

•    Two major Paris museums are showing work of Indian women artists.

•    Experts say there is a scarcity of available work by the likes of the Vasudeo Gaitonde.

Moreover, even after the hit of the financial crisis of 2007 which affected the market of Indian art adversely. Indian art after 2011 has fastened the process of its growth. In fact, this year too, the paintings of endowed Indian artists like M. F Hussain have been sold at jaw-dropping amounts. Hence, this has been a major reason for the fueling record prices.

A blue canvas painting by Gaitonde who passed away in 2001, recently found a buyer who bought the painting at $ 3.1 million in New Delhi. Apart from this, people have also developed a fancy for figurative paintings again.

The market has also been geared by Nita Ambani who is a philanthropist and wife of business tycoon Mukesh Ambani. Kiran Nadar who is the owner of HCL technologies has established a new museum named Shiv Nadar. The Museum is in New Delhi.


The sellers of Indian art market are not able to contain their delight. The market is getting more and more in favor of sellers. Moreover, experienced sellers, who don’t really need liquid assets as of now, are seizing this incredible chance of selling art.

Furthermore, in the past six years, the combination of high-quality shipments, a potent auctioning atmosphere and an increasing number of wealthy art investors have boosted the sales drastically to $95 million. The difference in the number by which earlier records have broken too is leaving everyone in astonishment.

Hopefully, the market for Indian art will keep expanding and breaking records in coming years too. Let’s see what the art world has in store for the buyers and the seller in the forthcoming years.

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