Appearance defines a lot about a person. The theme of your office, the tone of your home, the wall colour, artworks, the furniture style, the marble motifs, the flooring, everything from a pin to a plasma in an environment speak millions of things about you.

One of the finest paid jobs in the world is interior designing. But designing the viscerous of infrastructure is not as easy as it sounds. This is why there are a very few trustworthy design firms India holds.

Designing a home or office is a sacred process, which should be done with full devotion and submission. Some of you might be new to the interior design aspect while others might be acquainted with the expertise to the core.

You might have refurbished the interior of your home 4 or 5 years back. My question; is the same trend still in vogue? Most probably it isn’t because the interior designing fad is quite vacillating in nature.

So, if you are going to do interior designing for your dream house or hiring one of the best interior designing firms India, giving a 10-minute read to this blog will ease your task.

In this write-up, you can find what’s cooking in the interior designing spectrum. Let’s start with what has gone out-of-fashion first:

The Horse and Buggy tactics

But before we discuss the trends that have been timeworn, let’s be clear of one thing; you don’t need to ditch the stuff that is already there in your home, office, etc.

This is just a small attempt to present what styles have gone outmoded with time.

However, if you are on a pursuit to contemporize the interior of your home or office, then the first step is to reject the conventions that ended with the year 2018.

Don’t be harsh, be evolving instead.

1.    Wall Collage

This is quite familiar. Placing a number of small frames on the wall space that looks like a collage of multiple photographs or paintings.

You might have seen this at a lot of places too. The current taste of modern artists doesn’t go along the idea of filling up the wall space with various frames.

For people seeking the help of prominent interior designing firms India, you should direct your artist to ensure that the antiquity of wall collage is not repeated in your home.

2.    Industrial Kitchen

I mean seriously, we have enough of industrial kitchen already. It’s not trendy and for god’s sake, it ain’t stylish either.

If you a pro chef, having an industrial kitchen makes perfect sense. But if you aren’t, then retiring this concept at the earliest is the right thing to do.

Experts say that industrial kitchens due to their rawness and ruggedness seem uninviting. So, for people who want to make their kitchen a warm and welcoming place of their home, let this idea go.

3.    The Bohemian pieces

We may be on a different page on this one.

I am talking about the Boho wall pieces, antique hanging art, traditional paintings, macramé, etc.

The era of the last 3 to 4 decades have seen a running fashion of adorning the wall space with such exquisite and classic pieces. Sadly but truly, that time is over now.

This is the epoch of contemporary pieces and modern artworks; you cannot expect your room to look crisp and rejuvenated with stuff that is out-of-trend now.

However, there are some art zealots that simply can’t get enough of these gypsy-soul items. For them, I would suggest to collect a single piece of such art and use it as a central piece item around which you prepare your room’s theme.

4.    Word Art

When I first saw word art, I was may be 9 or 10. After 21 years, I can still see some people stuck with this traditional art form where words are augmented and displayed on the wall space.

2019 sees a trend where interior design firms India are ensuring to completely weed out word art from the roots.

If you have one on your wall and you are looking to give your room a new face, remove the art piece immediately. You might think of word art as inspirational or motivational but in the context of art and design, it appears quite shabby and sure-fire.

5.    The grey world

Western countries especially the European and American nations have seen the theme of ‘grey everything’ surviving too long.

Albeit the concept gained immense popularity and was used heavily by the best interior design firms India, USA, UK, etc., too much utility has made it bygone.

New-fangled ways for interior designing

Looking to freshen up your home/office with contemporary and innovative ideas that are unheard of till now?

Here are some latest tips that would open up new and ingenious techniques to make the interior of your home more flashy, vivacious, reflecting, and exquisite at the same time.

Here we go:

a)   Second-nature embellishment

Gone are the days of ubiquitous grey walls and dim tarnished hardwood floors. Those are bygones now.

People are more inclined towards sizzling colour palettes more luscious motifs. The trend of ‘grey everything’ will still take a bit of time to go completely but the people are demanding warmer colours and more vibrant themes now.

My recommendation to every individual is to hear your own voice and feel what complements your personality most.

Your thoughts, your intuitions, and your heart will tell you what will be best-suited in your home. The preference and taste may vary but since the interior of your home is all about you and your personality, being instinctual isn’t a bad thing.

b)    Be a weirdo

No, it doesn’t mean we are literally telling you to do so.

Instead, I want you all to take risks. Don’t be afraid to experiment with whatever combination of designing options you want.

Whimsical style is quite popular among the apparels where people are wearing warm, colourful, and a totally new blend of clothes. Similarly, while contacting an interior design firm India or doing it on your own, ignite the creative spark inside you.

Today, the entire gravity of interior designing comes to one point where people want to be fence themselves with the stuff they like the most.

Try everything, bold colours, exotic compositions, crisp artefacts, and abstract paintings; in short, anything that makes you happy.

c)    Green it

Those who are not aware of it, let me tell you, Green is the future colour of interior designing. With top-notch interior designers and the best interior design firms India are now adopting the green colour as their main motif.

People are loving the green colour in their homes, offices, etc. Whether it is furniture, the wall colours, the art pieces or anything that is placed to increase the beauty of a room, green is your colour.

I would recommend my readers to use a lot of containers of varied dimensions in groups. These containers if are matt-finished or raw-finished will increase the blissfulness of your room.

Placing tiny trees or plants offer a fresh look to your room if used in clusters rather than a single plant just put anywhere.

The best place to put up such plants will be…….yes, in front of your windows. Just make sure to not make it too congested.

d)   Spruce up the wall

Walls present an amazing opportunity to decorate the entire room with paintings, sculptors, hanging pieces, and stuffs like wind chains, etc.  

But this year, people are concentrating more on textured walls, with multiple ingredients blended to raise the appeal of the room.

If this isn’t enough, you can include paints and experiment with diverse shapes. This is a cost-effective alternative that brings an amusing impression and it fills the entire room too.

Another trend will be to utilize murals on the walls.

e)   Light it up

The best of interior design firms India are now emphasising more on the modern lighting techniques to decorate the living, dressing, dining, and bedrooms.

People are now more interested in having vintage style lighting that has exotic cues inspired by European patterns.

Adding to this, best interior designing companies in India are using LED chandeliers that provide a vague but impressionable sense of sculptural form.

f)     Street Art

Industry experts and even the top interior design firms India are claiming that in the year 2019 we will see the invasion of street art in our homes.

The street art pieces are more often gritty and symbolic of innocence that further entices people to put these pieces inside their homes.

A graffiti with a pinch of conventional and modern design will make your room aura more exciting and eye-catching.

Wrapping up

I hope, each of these tips will help you in making the interior of your room more appealing, inviting, and contemporary.

Share your comments below. Thanks!