Owing to the rapidly expanding art market and the end of the preconceived notion that buying art is difficult, expensive, as well as exclusive, individuals are getting more and more drawn towards art. In fact, the substantial growth of online art space has made every kind of art more affordable and accessible to everyone. However, even today novice art lovers looking to buy Indian art, contemporary works, etc. are dubious about the whole idea of buying their first piece of art.

No doubt, selecting and buying art is not something to be done in a jiffy. Though imagining your favorite works of art displayed to perfection on the walls of your home is an easy task, the process of buying art requires a lot of patience and time.

To help such novice art enthusiasts looking to buy Indian art, abstract works, or any other piece of art but trapped in the dilemma, we have compiled some essential tips.

  • Know the Basics

This rule holds true not just when you plan to buy Indian art but every time you attempt to intrude in any field fully untapped by you, it is imperative that you first get a hold of the basics. Hence, if you are new to the world of art, you should first try to develop a good understanding of the different art styles and genres such as Pop art, Indian art, landscape, portraits, etc.

If you love reading then indulge in art-related books. But, if you are not really fond of reading, try exploring videos on the Internet. Moreover, you can also go about reading some popular blogs, brief, engaging, and informative, they will help get familiar with the basics of art pretty quickly. Doing so will help you in understanding your preferences better, ultimately leading you to buy artworks that suit the decor of your abode and resonate perfectly with your personal style too.

  • Follow Your Favorite Artists

Today, almost every artist uses their social media accounts for increasing reachability and visibility. One of the best ways to explore art is to follow artists whose works you find interesting. In case you are absolutely clueless about popular artists you may follow, start by typing ‘famous Indian artists’ or ‘new artists’ on Google. After you find the names of some artists, take time to explore their Instagram or Facebook profile. Thereafter, check their social media updates regularly and find if you like their creations.

  • Maintain An Art Diary

After religiously following your favorite artists and their artworks, you will get a good understanding of art, its genres, and styles. You can use this information for making your own wish list, maintain a diary penning down the pointers regarding different art forms and styles, and about artworks you find exciting.

As following the artists, you will also come to know about any upcoming art events, exhibitions, and shows. You can make a note of them in your diary and plan a visit accordingly. Make sure to jot down your understanding of different artworks that you see in the exhibitions.

  • Visit Art Shows

Undoubtedly, the best way to experience art is to visit galleries and museums. So, if you feel that you are developing a passion for art, plan a quick visit to art exhibitions and galleries nearby. Exploring art at such places will be an enriching experience, helping you widen your horizons of knowledge beyond books and at the same time help you meet curators, artists, and other art enthusiasts.

Connecting with artists and other art lovers will further help you gain insight beyond theory. You would have the opportunity to learn from their experiences, certainly equipping you with more practical knowledge.

In case you don’t have time, you can also take a virtual tour organized by online art galleries and museums.

  • Don’t Rush

When looking to buy Indian art, contemporary art sculpture, or any other work of art, do not be in a hurry to make the purchase. This is the common reason for people ending up stuck with paintings that they never wanted. So, be patient while you buy art, resist falling prey to high selling techniques of the salespersons you may meet at the galleries or any other person who might be advising you to proceed with the purchase. Take your time, ensure due diligence, and follow your heart but make sure to use your brain too before going ahead with the purchase.

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Needless to say that it is crucial to be well-acquainted with the tits and bits of the art world. Besides this, it is also good to identify the art style and if possible, the artist that you find yourself more resonated with. Abiding by the aforementioned tips will help you avoid getting trapped in the overwhelming world of art. Also, it will help you buy the art piece you are proud to own and never feel like reselling.