What is Still Life Painting?

A still life painting is one of the art styles which have a very rich history. It is one of the painting forms which is old school and has in-depth meaning. This kind of painting mostly depicts inorganic subject matter such as fruits, rocks, dead animals, plants, shells, and more. Apart from these, different man-made elements like books, jewelry, pipes, coins, flower vases can easily be considered as subject matters for still life painting.  

There are several painters from India who have felt their presence with some amazing still-life paintings. Their creativity has been honored and awarded by global art lovers. These eminent painters are DebabrataBasu, SheetalGhulati, ShivakantShekhar, Anirban Seth, Ramesh Jhawar, Biswajit Jana, Pradesh. K, PrabalMallick, RamchandraKharatmal,SitaramPatil  and many more.

A Step Wise Guide to A Perfect Still Life Painting

The still-life paintings are unique because of several reasons. Some of the most important uniqueness is the usage of colors, the painting temperaments, the feel of the paintings, and finally the concepts. All these things make still life paintings very unique and rare. It is a fact that not all painters have a passion for still life paintings. Painters, who have melancholic and philosophical traits in them, can only go ahead with still-life paintings.

A painting named ‘Family’ by Debabrata Basu has three lanterns in one frame. These are different in size and shape. It conveys that a family is all about similarities with dissimilar qualities and features. In normal life, we can see families which have different types of people but they together are called family. This is such a unique concept by the painter by showing three lanterns in one frame. Let’s understand each and every step that comes into consideration while we start a still life painting!

1.Arranging of the Items

While you understand the idea of what is still life painting is, making sure that the object’s placement is composed perfectly is very important. To get a pleasing image of the object- attracting the viewers- you must arrange the lines, shape, color, texture, etc. on point. Make sure that your subject is not placed at a dead end this will weaken your creativity affecting your painting. Sometimes, the items may overlap one another- make sure that the line of difference is visible properly. Try and avoid kissing or touching the objects. A mixture of spacing with your objects will help the end result to look marvelous. You should also have a bright light on one side of the subject to ensure proper shadows.

2.Start with drawing the objects

Midst the process of drawing your subject, make sure that you notice the elevated shapes of the cups, saucers, or vases. This is an important step to get the appropriate shape and size of the object. 

3.Adding Of Color Blocks

Begin with the most prominent colors in all of the large general areas, working from darkest to softer tones. Depending on the lighting, shadows can be cooler or warmer. The shadows will be cool if the lighting is warm, and the shadows will be warm if the lightning is cool. It's also crucial to remember that white goods come in a wide range of colors. Notice how the vase contains yellow, blue, and green tones? This is due to the lemons' reflections, as well as the reflections of the other surfaces near the vase. After then, make sure you've filled in all of the blanks with color.

4.Work On Your Background and Foreground

The objects in your painting are the focus centre, but add details to the areas behind and in front of them to make them stand out and liven up your work. To tie in with the lemons on the table, the artist painted more yellow on the wall behind the picture. To give the vase and dish more dimension, he deepened the shadows projected on the table and added reflections on them.

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Wrap Up:

We may conclude by saying that art is worship and you never know where and when you get an idea for your great creation. Painters are lyrical and they love being philosophical all the time. There is something creative that runs in their mind and as a result, we see such beautiful creations. 

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