Creating portrait is an amazing process that begins as a photograph and swiftly changes into an oil portrait which can be passed down through generations. A portrait painting is created to show the characters and features of the subject which is enjoyable for both. The artist is presented with a picture which he will view and create a portrait.

In earlier times, the techniques which were used to paint a portrait were different as compared to the present time.  The process has been modified to make it better and lively. It has been a hobby and a mode to earn livelihood for many portrait artists. The artists have tried different styles to create a painting, but only few succeeded.

Traditionally portrait painting consisted of long hours sitting of the artist and the subject which acquires months but today creating painting from a photo releases the burden and reduces the time constraint. Portrait painting took a back seat with the creation of photography which used to be the lone method to capture a picture. It lost its popularity because of cost and time constraint.

Today people have recognized the value of hand painted portraits, as it captures the perfect moment and expression. The flaws of the photographs can be overcome by the portrait paintings, like- red eyes, poor lighting, and background problem, etc. These are few problems which can go wrong in taking a photograph. The portrait artist use photograph as a subject and by using the technology and imagination he can create the best.

These types of things are gaining popularity day by day as it's a perfect gift for the loved ones. One can get a portrait done from an artist on commission basis by giving a photograph as a subject.