Since ancient times art has been a very important and popular way of expressing human emotions, social norms and sensitivities. The paintings are done in different mediums or sources like watercolor, oil and acrylic. In that time the language was not discovered so the people used to paint on walls and express their feelings. Now the methods and way of doing the paintings have changed a lot with the experimentation and innovation. The method of painting is shifted from realism to abstraction.

In today's time with the advancement of the technology everything has gone online and with this changing time the art galleries have also started the online portals. The paintings and sculptures can now easily be exhibited and sold. Galleries have always been an important platform for the artist to sell their paintings. It is one of the best ways to get recognition in this big market. With the galleries going online it has become easy for the artists to reach the buyers by properly displaying the artworks.

These galleries have also helped the art collectors. They can easily see the collection of their favourite artists, or select the required works from a wide variety of collection by just clicking on the paintings. They can purchase the favourite art with least hassles. The buyers or the collectors just have to add the required product into his shopping cart and get the product easily. The websites have the messaging system also through which the collectors or the buyers can contact each other and buy or sell privately.

The online art gallery not only improves our knowledge about different styles, mediums and artworks in which an artist works but it also helps in the sale and purchase of the artworks. These galleries have promoted and popularized the Indian art all around the world. It has become very easy to reach to your favourite artist, to know the popular mediums, etc.

These galleries help the established as well as upcoming artists to get recognition from the zealous collectors. It acts as a knowledge portal for the art lovers and people from different profession and has become a place to visit periodically.