If you have ever decorated your living space, you will agree with us that more often than not the time and effort we spend on doing the décor of our living room and bedroom do not resonate in the entry way. Though an entryway is the first room that a person will see when entering the home, we often don’t take this space seriously. We tend to forget that this small space has the caliber of not only being visually appealing in design, but it also has the ability to be a magic eye that let’s one know what’s to come. So, in this blog, we will be giving some handy tips to spice up the look of the entryway of your home. 

Before we begin with décor ideas, it is important to note that when it comes to an entryway, consistency in design is the key. The secret to a smart looking entryway is to strategize before you embark on designing the space. So, before you start with placing the things around, it is important to figure out how the entryway is going to serve you. Always remember your entryway should reflect all the time and energy you put in designing the rest of your home. The entryway does not have to be functional, but the focus should be on visual appeal. From statement light fixtures to arts and mirrors and maybe even a sitting area, this is the space to get creative and focus on impressing your guests as they enter your home.

If you have a narrow entryway, it is import to strategize and figure out what you want to put in that space, all the while keeping in mind that you need to avoid making space look cramped. A perfect entryway look can be accomplished with a tastefully done seating area, a console unit, and a statement chandelier. You can complete the look by adding a piece or two of paintings and sculptures. Now you don’t even need to step outside your home to buy them as you can buy art online. Read through the following pointers to get a hint on how to pep up the entryway effortlessly:

Create a Seating Area

If space allows, add a tufted bench to your entryway. Opt for benches in the neutral color as they give you the liberty to change the pillows in according to season or whenever you update accent colors around your home. The pillows on this bench will mirror the change that you will do in the rest of the home. The empty space above the bench can be an eyesore. To fill this space with a statement artwork or wall décor, you can buy art online. Complete the seating arrangement by adding a stool that you may need for the rare occasions when you will relax there with a cup of coffee.

Introduce a Console

Once the seating area is done, move on to introducing a console. A mirrored console works well for an entryway.

Feature an Artwork

Add a neutral artwork above the console to add tones and textures to space. You can explore online art galleries and buy art online. Don’t feel limited with how creative you can get with styling a small area like the entryway. Use every space you can to make a statement. You can utilize the space under the console by adding one or two statement stools or sculptures.

Make a Colorful Statement

Add some colors to the area by introducing your favorite flowers placed in a pretty vase.

Aroma Therapy

You can never get wrong with scented candles, especially visually appealing ones. A home that smells good not only feels inviting but also sets has the mood righted for almost every task.

Do Magic with Mirrors

What’s an entryway without a mirror? Add a fancy decorative mirror for that last minute makeup or hair check before heading out or for a good selfie here and there.

Accentuate it with Accents

If you are dealing with a space that feels empty, go for some fun décor pieces like a tree candle holder which can double up as a decorative piece. Online stores are offering more and more options to make your space unique.

The next time you plan to reinvent the décor of your home, make a statement with your entryway. There are so many options that need to be explored. All you need to do is be a bit creative and pick up a style that speaks your disposition and your design aesthetic.