Living away from your hometown can be a lot of fun as you can find ample of opportunities to achieve your dreams and see the glamorous life of metropolitan cities. However, finding a large space to live can be an intimidating task. Usually, in urban areas, you won’t find big rooms, relaxing balconies, or spacious lobbies, and it becomes difficult for many art collectors or lovers to arrange things in a way that reveals a comfy look. Consequently, they are left with no other option than arranging stuffs in your small apartment in the most enthralling way. 

In this relentless lifestyle, giving your home a relaxing touch yet captivating appearance is not that much tricky. There are a number of art galleries available online that can fulfill your home decor needs quickly.  These art selling platforms provide an opportunity to Indian art collectors across the globe to add another unique piece in their collection, right from sculptures to the digital prints.

Design and decor ideas for small spaces

When it comes to decorating your personal space, you have plenty of options around to start with.   Everyone has a creative bent and taste for style that can transform a small space into a beautiful paradise. If you don’t restrict yourself by letting the creative thought comes in your mind, sky is the limit. Start weaving those imaginations and transform your tiny space into a relaxing home where you will find infinite happiness.   

If you want to accentuate your surroundings, then given below are some quick to do home decoration ideas:

Create magic with mirrors: With mirrors, you can create the illusion of both space and light. In old times, skilled architects and designers used thin sheets of metal to reflect light. Nowadays, you can find designer mirrors in any shape and size easily. You can pick any type of mirror as per your room wall dimensions. It will certainly enhance your home beauty through marvelous reflections. By placing large-sized mirrors on the wall facing window side, you can create more magical effects as it will reflect natural light from the window and amplify it. Also, it is will magnify the glow from lamps and interior lighting. They create a visual illusion in which the room seems larger. Apart from this, you can also place these magical accessories on the table surfaces.     

Plan according to the size: In small spaces, maintaining a style statement is usually bit challenging. While placing any decorative item, you need to consider setting of your room. As per the art curators, size of your artwork should complement your furniture and other decorative accessories present in your room. This is where most of the art collectors get confused and stuff their room with different types of decorative items. Compact and fuss-free furniture should be the best pick for a tiny space. This is because larger items make your room look more clogged. In contrast, a larger piece of sofa can work well, only if you want to create a focal point in the space. Moreover, sofa-cum-bed can play a dual purpose- it is best for super-comfortable seating as well as superb in the form of soft cocoon for sleeping.


Approach Mixed-media art-Why always choose a painting for your home? Think something out of the box and plan something unique that pleases your aesthetic senses. Mixed media art is the best approach to reinvent your home. Be it a bold abstract painting or some oversized photograph, you can display these art pieces on your wall and see how enthralling it looks. In addition to this, you can add some patterned wallpaper, or high-quality gift wraps in the background of your bookcase to create an appealing look. For high ceilings, you can fix different types of Polaroid instants. Look up for some creative inspiration and transform your space.

If you are avid Indian art collectors, then browsing different online art galleries will help you hand-pick the best piece of artwork that will not only add a touch of warmth to your space, but also beautify your surroundings. By following the above mentioned exquisite home decoration ideas you can spruce up your teeny-tiny space, and imbue it with happiness.