Our home is our paradise. We spend a lot of time, money and energy is adorning it. Right from the living room to the bedroom, everything is duly planned and executed in order to ensure that our home looks just the way we like. Amidst all of this there is one area which we entirely forget about: the outdoors. Yes, anyone who visits your house first looks at the outdoor. If it isn’t appeasing, then you will fail to leave a positive impression on them. We all get so occupied with decorating the interiors of the house that we entirely miss out on the exteriors. However, we need to realise that a beautiful home is the one which is attractive both on the inside as well as outside.

Warm summer days are just around the corner and just like every other season there are certain styles which are in vogue this time. Who said summers were boring? The hot weather brings with it the time of pool parties and other amazing things. This season marks the beginning of summer holidays of children. This gives you another reason to spruce-up your exteriors so that the kids can play and have fun. Right from your morning yoga session to the evening chit-chat gathering, there are so many things that you can do with a beautiful looking exterior.

However, if you are worried about the cost factor, then take a deep breath and relax as we are going to introduce some amazing affordable art and styles which will elevate the entire appeal of the outdoors. Let go of the boring outdoors and get ready to prep them up with the trendiest styles of summer, 2017. We are giving you three amazing ways in which you can pamper the most negated area of your house.

  • Indoor kind of layout:
    Get ready to witness this trend a lot this season! You need to realise that the outdoor space has become an extension of the indoor ones. The favourite trend of the season is most certainly going to be this one which focuses on recreating the exteriors with furniture and décor that is similar to the interior. This helps in giving a seamless transition as the outside looks equally beautiful. You can incorporate furniture and other kinds of artworks to spice things up. Extending the feel of the indoors doesn’t mean that you will end up burning a hole in your pocket. You can opt for old furniture, rugs and other kind of decorative articles which are already resting around in your house. Buying affordable art pieces is also a good option. Based on your personal preferences you can choose the items which you like the most.
  • Fun prints:
    If the arrangement is looking a bit boring, then you can breathe life into it by adding amusing prints. Be it in the form of pillows or rugs, amazing patterns will never disappoint you. There are so many choices at such affordable rates. You can go thrift shopping and choose the prints which you adore. You can also choose to DIY (Do It Yourself) by using designed fabric on an old table or fibre pots. Another great idea is to cut your favourite prints and frame them which can then be hanged to create an affordable art wall. Yet another way of adorning the outdoors in by adding fun printed pillows and cushions as they never go out of style.
  • Bring in the natural beauty:
    Nature never goes out of style. You can place plants in different sizes to elevate the entire appeal of your outdoor space. If you don’t find large vases economical, then you can opt for fibre pots. They can later on be painted and decorated as per your taste. Placing plants is an inexpensive way of adding that boost of freshness to your space. Apart from adding beautiful flowers and plants, you can breathe in energy by incorporating amazing affordable art in landscape prints. When you are working on your outdoors then freshness is a crucial factor. There is no better way of incorporating it than by means of plants and their look-alikes.

The outdoor of your home is a vital area which cannot be neglected. Aforementioned are three of the many ways in which you can add beauty to the already amazing exteriors. Be it vintage or modern, whatever your taste might be, you can choose and design your outdoors your style and that too without blowing off your bank account!