An art collector looks to purchase a handful of affordable artworks either to make an exquisite assortment or for investment purpose or simply because the painting is enticing itself.

If you are an art collector who is looking to get your hands on abstract paintings, I can totally understand the pain you go through.

You see, at first glance, an abstract painting is quite difficult to interpret. But, if you know the art to understand the hidden appeal in abstract paintings, no other form of art can captivate your mind and heart more.

That is the beauty of abstract paintings; the loose strokes of brushes, the non-uniform patterns, and the unconventional usage of colours.

Since modernism has hit in the mid of the 19th century, the interest in abstractionism is on the rise. Today, in 2018, there are a number of abstract art artists that are producing thousands of mesmerising paintings every year.

Indian Folk Arts that are still alive

This is not good for abstract art collectors, especially the ones who are new. Getting the real meaning of an abstract art painting is not everyone’s cup of tea. This can be seen by the harsh criticism abstract art faces from a reasonably large number of artists, art lovers, experts, and collectors.

To make your work as an art collector easy, I have scribbled down a few tips that would help you in not only interpreting the abstract paintings but also to track their quality level. Let’s go:

How to understand Abstract Art?

Ever been inside an abstract art gallery? What was your first thought?

Was it “I don’t belong here” or “Art has changed completely” or “Am I too simple to decode abstractionism or the style is just more complex?”

Whatever it was, I completely understand. Abstract paintings do not appreciate the representational form of producing art and hence stay far off from the real-life objects or structures.

An abstract artist tries to express his/her emotions through a modern style that doesn’t relate anyway visually to any real subject. The point is to break the shackles of traditional methods that bound the artists in the name of themes, utilisation of colours, and defined patterns.

Uncovering the different roles of artists in our Society

Since the objective of abstract art paintings is totally distinguishable from the representational forms, the way of perception and assessment also should be different. Here are some tips that would help you to qualify and interpret an abstract art:

Find the motive

You cannot simply get to understand abstract art paintings within a day. You require to give it some time. Art collectors across the world have admitted that the more time they devote to an abstract art painting, the more it speaks to them.

If you wish to make an alluring collection of affordable artworks, you need to look beyond paintings. For instance, when you observe an abstract art painting, try to decode the intention of the artist.

Look at the meaning hidden inside the unstructured colour combinations and appealing designs. Try to find out what the painting is trying to convey.

The Essence of Indian Art

Since a lot of abstract art paintings on similar themes, using same techniques, and carrying the similar message are produced today, it becomes extremely important for the art collectors to track the motive of artists.

Get yourself submerged in the abstractionism by knowing all the present and past techniques and trends. This will help you in getting the true essence of abstract art paintings.

Look for conscious structure

It may seem that the patterns of an abstract painting are unstructured but, in reality, they aren’t. An expert abstract art painting is symmetrised by utilising some kind of axis. This axis is hidden quite astonishingly by the artists and is thus not visible at a first glance.

You can qualify an abstract painting as a top-notch work if the axis that balances the patterns exists.

Why colours are used?

Being a collector who is looking to buy affordable art, you simply do not want to put your money in some ordinary work.  So, it becomes really important to see how colours are expressed in an artwork.

Abstract style of paintings is one of the few art styles that is inclined towards using colour as a representation of emotions. You can separate casual paintings from good ones by giving a good look at the colours used by the artists.

A qualified and expert artist will make sure to utilise different colours with contrasting intentions. If an abstract painting is speaking to you because of its colour combination and high visuals, get that piece.


Abstract paintings invite all the innovative techniques in the world to create some magical and visually appealing. For instance, Jackson Pollock’s drip painting technique is quite sophisticated and raw at the same time.

Similarly, abstract artists utilises different textures like grit, splashes, blanks, etc to bring more elegance. Point out these textures or spot of textures. Presence of these elements tells you that the abstract artwork is made impeccably and holds great value.

Get to know the essentials

If you want to succeed in purchasing an astonishing and affordable artwork, you need to be well aware of the artist’s reputation.

The more highly acclaimed an artist is, more flawless and impressionable his/her work is. So, always do a thorough background check to know what motivates and aspires the artist to choose abstractionism.

It is said that the easiest way of deciphering an abstract painting is to understand the artist. So, get on to it.