A palette knife is a blunt knifewhich has flexible steel blades but its edges are not sharp. This knife is usedfor painting and comes in different shapes and sizes. It is made of metal, woodor plastic. Painting with a knife is just like putting butter or jam on breadand its outcome is much more different than painting using a brush. The knifeis used in producing texture in the painting and it gives very interestingeffects to it.

There are certain tips which arerequired while doing palette knife painting:

  • Keep towels,gloves, apron or any other stuff for cleaning with you as it gets messy whileworking with a palette knife.

  • Use taperedpalette knife which is strong and flexible and allows the mixing of paintnicely before its application.

  • Squeeze thecolors out and knead them nicely with the knife until it's completely mixed,there is no other better way to knead the colors.

  • {C}Load theknife with color and spread it out to fill an entire area.

  • {C}Take alarger knife to cover a large area of the painting.

  • {C}Fordifferent beautiful effects in your painting select your palette knife verycarefully. Like a rounded tip knife is much better than a sharp one while doinga head.

  • {C}Mix thecolors before working so that you can work faster without wasting any time inbetween for mixing.

  • {C}Let thepainting stand for atleast 24 hours so that the paint gets tacky which makes iteasy to push and pull the paint a bit more.

  • {C}Don't usebrush while working with a palette knife. The process is slow as compared tothe brush painting but don't get frustrate and continue working with it, asusage of a brush can ruin your painting.

  • Use theknife like a sculptor that is going up and then going down.

  • For detailsand expressive marks, like a branch of a tree and its trunk, a palette knife isvery useful.

Keep these tips in mind whileworking. If any accident happens, let it be and relax because it may give adifferent effect to your painting.