Indian art is usually the reflection of society. It is a very well-known fact that Indian paintings reflect the social, cultural, economic and religious background of the time they were painted in. An Indian artist tries to capture a lot in a single painting. More than being aesthetic in nature, Indian art is suggestive and speaks to the viewers. India is known worldwide for its notable work on traditional art. A lot of rulers came and went, but left behind some part of their culture in the form of their respective art forms. This is one way we get to learn about various dynasties that were established all over India, back in those days. Even today, many talented artisans are using their skills to depict modern-day crisis such as rampant corruption, diseases, wars etc. to grab the attention of the masses.

A lot of people like to buy Indian art for a lot of purposes. Some of them are:

  • Gifting purpose: Certain Indian art forms such as Madhubani, Pahadi and Rajput, are known for the beautiful depiction of nature and natural elements. Indian paintings make a very good gift, irrespective of the occasion.
  • Interior decoration: Hotels, restaurants, clubs etc. mostly use Indian paintings to light up the vacant spaces. Indian paintings make very beautiful hanging pieces and brighten up the area they are kept in.
  • Home decoration: Just like decoration of hotels, Indian paintings can light up personal spaces as well. A lot of people like to hang different types of paintings in different areas of their home to make their personal space look better.
  • For devotional purpose: Since themes of majority of Indian art is devotional and relating to various gods and goddesses, people buy Indian art to fulfil the devotional purpose as well. Phad scroll paintings are used as mobile temples in some rural areas of Rajasthan
  • Gems in their collections: People collect Indian art for their aesthetic value and some art forms such as Tanjore, Mysore etc. have fetched a lot of money in the market. Antique Indian art and paintings have a very nice buyer-seller market and it is believed that it will never be affected by the recession.

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You can buy Indian art either from onsite art galleries or from web galleries. Traditional art galleries house works of famous and seasoned artists only as their work is well-known and fetches good money. But when it comes to making work of underrated and unprivileged artists, nothing can beat the services of online art galleries. As the name suggests, web galleries are virtual platforms that indulge in trading of art through the internet. Just like onsite galleries and exhibitions, they are capable of displaying paintings in high-quality images. Ample information is provided about the paintings, its style and the painter to make sure people buy Indian art after they have been provided complete details regarding the product.

Indian art has a special place in the heart and collection of every art collector. Online options for purchasing art are full of innovative and new ideas these days. Collectors have customized paintings made for themselves. They can add those paintings to their personal libraries that are not available out there easily. Some dying art forms have also been revived due to the efforts of certain online art galleries. Gond Art of Gondi people of Madhya Pradesh was under the shadows till a couple of years ago. But then some wise man from the internet learned about it and made sure that they get the much-needed recognition. As of now, Gond art is one of the most popular art forms and collective efforts from the government and other concerned individuals have made sure that the coming generation gets to learn more about such unique and under-rated art forms.

Buying from an online art gallery is very easy, all you need to do Is log on to the website and start browsing through the stuff. Effective filtering and use of specific keywords can help you locate the product you are interested in, in very less time. Paying options are quite flexible and can be done through the credit or debit cards, net banking or in some cases, cash on delivery but since paintings are expensive not many people opt for cash on delivery. The best part about purchasing from web galleries is that you can get them shipped right at your doorsteps for free! So my making minimum efforts and by staying in the comfort of your home you can have your favourite piece of Indian art delivered right at your doorsteps. Buying from an online art gallery is easy.