Indian Art Paintings and various other forms of Indian art are known to be a form of expression. It showcases the pinch of creativity along with a sense of opulence and a feel of luxury. Indian art paintings as home decor help us to connect with society and its culture. 

Indian culture and art

Do you know that Indus Valley Civilization's prehistoric era is when Indian Art first appeared? You know, historical art reveals details about the lives of our ancestors. The artifacts show influences from Islam, Jainism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Buddhism. Indian art emphasizes both technical skill and creative expression.

Indian art has long been regarded as a luxury and a source of joy for the more affluent clan. Everyone is aware of the many benefits that come with wealth, one of which is the freedom to use art as décor. Therefore, it has been welcomed into the houses of India's richer families, including Bollywood celebrities, the Ambani and Birla families.

However, the Indian art scene is increasingly evolving. You may now change perceptions by incorporating Indian art into your home. The good news is that the Indian art market is now quite accessible to average people like you and me who are on a budget. It is a developing trend and a wise financial decision.

At-Home Indian Art

A once-in-a-lifetime thrill that defines achievement is owning a home. So why not use a little Indian art to creatively decorate your home to showcase your life's accomplishments. The interesting thing about Indian art is that it showcases both our artistic side and rich cultural background. The majority of the items are lovingly and laboriously made by hand over many years. Every piece available at the pencil sketch gallery is given a special feeling of modesty by the handwork. So let's include a few Indian art forms into your home to make it appear both opulent and modest at the same time.

Richness of Culture And Tradition

The rich culture and history of Indian art may give your home greater meaning, regardless of your faith or origin. As was previously said, there is a long history behind the many Indian art forms. Indian artistry is evident in these paintings. They give you greater significance and provide you inspiration. They also educate and enlighten you. The next time there is an awkward pause between you and your guests, just mention about your extensive knowledge of art to completely wow them.

Indian Art Forms

What varieties of Indian art are there?

Four options from Indian Art are available to decorate your home with a creative flair and a sense of opulence.

A. Folk art: The lively, colourful folk art has a high home décor value and can entirely change the atmosphere of your space by giving it a special, exclusive feel.

B. Indian art paintings on canvas: India has a long history of producing these classic works of art. Today, you can purchase anything in any size, style, or price range.


C. Truths from Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain religious texts are expressed in primarily human shapes made of stone, clay, metal, and wood. Buddha is a fashionable trend today.

D. Commonplace Items: From ceramic surahi to Tanjore sarees, as well as Kashmiri carpets or carved rosewood furniture - the list is limitless - commonplace items represent a special category of Indian art.

Let's look at a few suggestions to add a little opulence to your home. Every location in India boasts a distinctive culture and offers a special type of art, all of which are bursting with vivid colours. Indian art has a broad scope. Here is a list of our picks for the most beloved Art.

Pop Art

Decorate your home with expertly made kitchenware, paintings, and sculptures. You can demonstrate India's native folk and tribal cultures in this way.

Painting in Indian art

Even today, canvas painting is still significant and relevant to ancient India. Realistic evolution is demonstrated. You can decorate your home's walls to boost its style factor. Everything may be made to appear attractive and captivating. Make your walls look beautiful by hanging canvas art on them.


Earlier, statues of Deities and animals made of bronze, stone, or wood were the standard. For instance, throughout the Buddhist era, Buddha was sculpted in a variety of poses and styles. Statues are created today as beautiful things that speak to our era.

Regular Art

Life is an everyday festival in and of itself, and art is a way to celebrate. Crafting and art are creative pursuits that let your imagination run wild. Using ornamental products in your daily life nowadays might provide you a wonderful experience. This is also my favourite subset of Indian art because it lends a quirky element to everyday activities at home. So let's enjoy ourselves.


To generate enthusiasm, use little clay pots and cups. Terracotta planters for indoor plants can be used to adorn your foyer. The current fashion trend is terracotta jewellery. You may conserve energy by using terracotta Surahi as a natural filter and to feel more refreshed.

Wooden Objects/ Crafts

If you can afford it, exotic and beautiful rosewood furniture can offer extra charm to your home. For many people, art is a great investment, and high-quality wooden crafts only increase their value and appeal. Like furniture, the wooden crafts you make now serve a purpose and are an investment for the future.


The wealthy have worn silk clothing for a very long time. The premium selection you can include in your outfit is tanjore silk. Investing in Kashmiri silk carpets for the flooring is one of the classiest methods to display Kashmiri handicrafts in your home. Purchase Kashmiri carpets to provide your home with the much-needed warmth, particularly during the winter. It has exquisite floral patterns in a variety of colours.

Indian Art Paintings from the Past 

You can combine historical inspirations with contemporary art. So be sure to be mindful of its value the next time you come across items left behind by your ancestors. Many of us might think of getting rid of all the Indian art in our homes since we find it to be uninteresting and dated. These were once common at your grandparents' house, but they are no longer in style. Art feels modern and rare even though it is from a bygone era.

Trust me; the décor trend is making a comeback with a modern boost of neons and all kinds of eccentricities. Before it's too late or too pricey, follow the crowd and jump on the decor bandwagon. Create a memorable, calming, and bright atmosphere to welcome your guests. Decorate your house with artwork and revel in its pure joy.