If you will ask any artist that one thing that he/she loves or desires most, rarely will you hear the reply as ‘Making Money’. The irony is, while a majority of the artists deny the craving for fame, it is the only thing that stands between success and failure in the art world. Maybe that is why the online art world has become such a massive money-generating platform for the artists.

There are some impeccable artists whose artworks are still not disclosed to the world because they think that marketing their paintings would dilute the meaning of being an artist. These are the ‘starving artists’. They do not reach out to the art collectors, distributors, gallery owners, and even other artists. According to these artists, if their artwork is worthy, it will get the fame someday.

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While this belief sounds mesmerising and fascinating, the reality is a lot of artists never get to showcase their alluring and magnificent work because of this. I don’t want you to be one of them. The concept of starving artists is still quite prevalent, but IMHO, your artwork deserves the fame and money for the hard work you have put in.

I mean, wouldn’t it be great if your skill and imagination could generate few extra bucks and your name on the cover of some art magazine? Who are we kidding? It would be great. Seeing your hard work get the fame is every artist’s dream (whether they admit it or not).

Why being an artist today is much better than before?

No doubt, Picasso would have loved to be born in this era. I mean the convenience of selling online art is quite astounding. Advancement in technology has vested art world with limitless opportunities. Today, an art lover can sit in his living room and check out contemporary paintings while sipping coffee. From an artist’s point of view, technological growth has opened new doors of possibilities.

Evolution of Indian Contemporary Art

Slowly, but eventually, artists are now accepting the blessings ultra-modern tech is offering and coming out of the shackles of old beliefs. Generating money out of your creativity and wishing applauds for your hard work is no longer a taboo.

How to make earning as an artist?

I have collected a few useful tips that could help you in making a good earning, as an artist. Let’s have a look:

1.     Network

I understand there are a lot of artists who do not want to leave the comfort zone of their studios or workplaces. But, you require to get out and meet the people who can harness your artwork into a fancy business. Making an impressionable and astonishing work is the artistry but marketing it, is a series of steps, first of which is networking. Writers who can turn your captivating patterns and riveting colour combinations into captivating words should be the first ones you should extend your hands to.
These bloggers can bring relatable prospects to you. Secondly, you need to connect with other artists. In the art world, the lobbying support of artists is a known thing and there is no reason that you should not be a part of it.

A wise artist makes strong relationships with other artists and even buy their work. When things get bad, artists’ connection can really save you from bankruptcy. For instance, if you are planning to explore the world of online art, you can start by researching and then contacting some of the illustrious gallery owners.

2.       Selling prints

An artist should be creative in his/her head. This inventive approach is harnessed to the maximum while you create a fantabulous piece of artwork. But, have you ever thought creatively while marketing your paintings?

What makes Contemporary Art so lovable?

There are art lovers who are not buying your paintings because they could not match up to the original price. In this situation, you should start selling prints of your original art making your work accessible to a much bigger audience. A lot of artists are now preferring to sell prints of their paintings and are earning a good chunk of money. What’s more is that your name and paintings are known to more people now.

3.     Never ignore your finances

An artist’s way of approaching things is quite different, I get it. But, it wouldn’t hurt you to be nimble about your finances. A lot of artists fail to take the heat of the art world because they do not have a solid plan to manage their money. On the other hand, artists who were able to make it big usually are the ones that smartly handle their finances. For example, if you have to choose between going for a vacation and paying your rent, your choice can make a difference in your career.

A lot of artists just refuse to work part times because they think it would lower their dignity somehow. Always remember, a strong and stable finance is the key factor that holds an artist’s confidence even in the worst of times. So, better be prepared.

4.       Teaching art

The online art world has exploded phenomenally. As an artist, you can actually teach art enthusiasts on the web. There are thousands of people who are seeking knowledgeable tutors to learn innovative ways that can brush up former’s skills.

If you are a painter, designer, photographer or a crafter, then you will find ample of students looking for your assistance. Being an artist, sharing your knowledge and experience with aspiring artisans is the best way to earn some good bucks.

Note that only the artists who have a sheer love for teaching should opt for this alternative.

5.     Take internships

If you are an art student and thinking to plan your art career after you graduate, you could be left way behind. Smart artists choose to brainstorm since the time they are in college. Try and connect with online or offline galleries to secure an internship.

Internships with the art galleries would offer you raw knowledge about the behind-the-scenes tasks such as selling and managing artworks. You would learn the success mantra of the offline and online art world that would prove quite fruitful when you start working full time as an artist.

How Contemporary Art influenced India?

Internships tell you that every piece of artwork that is represented in an art gallery does not have a romantic ending. Sadly, a reasonable number of paintings remain unsold. So, getting a gallery representation is definitely not the sure-shot way to success and glory.

6.     Use the web

Social media pages, online galleries, websites, and similar platforms have emerged in the last few years. Artists are now realizing that harnessing the power of technology is not such a bad idea. You can create enticing profiles on the online galleries and websites to display your paintings.

Alongside, you can make use of social networking sites like Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook to expand your reach.

Final words

You are an artist, you creatively bring your thoughts on canvas. You contribute your heart and sweat into this. This is why your painting deserves the best. Also, as an artist, it is not easy to survive. So, it’s better to be prepared beforehand so that even in the darkest of situations, you have a strong grip on your market position.

Follow these tips and see your art career sail vivaciously. Reach the comment box for further clarification. Thanks!