The world of art is candidly imperial and flawlessly polished. Our time for all one knows is the best period for art, artists and art lovers. There are so many illustrious art galleries and online art shops that offer an amazing experience to the people who love art. Not just the art aficionados but the artists too are highly benefited with so much happening around.

Now imagine, a fresco in the glorious Ajanta caves or an artefact found in the archaeological site in Afghanistan or an ancient mural extracted out in Iran is still available for us to observe. Isn’t that amazing? For all we know, the entire credit of art preservation goes to the people who love to collect these artistically articulated pieces. Art collectors have played an immensely huge and vital role in laying the foundation and shaping the infrastructure of the art sector as we know it.

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The vitality

Ofcourse, the world needs more spirited and passionate art lovers as much it requires more artists.  Had it not be the Medici family, the sculptures and the other commissioned work of Michelangelo wouldn’t have gained such flashy limelight in the Italian Renaissance.

Same is the case with the Industrialist Andrew Carnegie, who was known for a deep inclination towards contemporary paintings. The Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh is the courtesy of another great art collector.

Another inspiring tale is of a couple from New York, Herb and Dorothy Vogel. Despite having professions like postal worker and librarian respectively, Herb and Dorothy could not stop their affection for artworks. The couple started its art collection pursuit in the 1960 and eventually, they ended up with an impeccable assortment of 4000 paintings. What’s more aspiring is that the couple gives away all the pieces to the National Gallery of Art in the light of sharing their collection with the rest of the world.

So, people who are passionate about getting their favourite pieces of paintings are of crucial importance and stature as they build a solid foundation for future generations.

The Tips

While there is not a speck of scepticism that art collectors hold a special place in the art world, the road to becoming one is quite precarious. Take a look at some quick tips that would help you if you are planning to gather impeccable artworks at your end.

Buy only what appeals

A fiery slogan stating ‘Art as an investment’ is been on the roll. Everyone is thinking to be a millionaire or probably a billionaire by becoming an eminent art collector. People are making the mistake of considering artworks as investment portfolios. An art can never be valued in terms of money. Remember, it was the keen interest of so many people who would love to have Mona Lisa, Guernica, etc that made their prices soar immensely.

So my advice would be to target artworks that give chills to your soul. Make sure to find a connection with the painting and feel the artist’s intent. If you find it difficult, think like this “If the painting loses all its monetary worth tomorrow, would you still wanting to hang it in your living room?”

If the inner response comes yes, then that is the right piece of artwork for your collection.

Make connection

This is the age of digitisation and like everyone else, art lovers should also utilize this splendid opportunity. Technological advancements have blessed the art sector with various possibilities and opportunities. So, be wise, and join the reputed art galleries online. Alongside, you can also increase your network by tapping on the art-related communities on the web and on the social media platforms. These communities are extremely educational for the art lovers who are seeking tips and information that can be useful for their endeavour to become a preeminent art collector.

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Roam around

Yeah, you can surely join various prestigious communities and galleries online, but what could beat the exhilaration of observing a piece of work with your naked eye? That’s the best, right?

A competent art collector ensures to roam around the streets and visit various art galleries (brick and mortar) and exhibitions in the city. Getting along with the gallery owners would offer you a better insight into the art world and the market around you.

Although I understand that like the creation, art collection is also of considered as a solitary mission, but the truth is somewhat different. You cannot become a successful and famed art collector without being social. The art collection is all about how you socialize along with eloquence and charm. Even making a bond with your favourite artist can become a reality when you connect with the notable art galleries in the city.

Be loyal

Let’s agree, being an art collector, you cannot love every art gallery you walk into. There would be some favourites. I have noticed an intriguing pattern amongst most of the successful art collectors. All of them were strongly loyal to the art galleries they loved.

See, art galleries are not always earning. There are some shows that encounter success while other conventions may not be that profitable. In the latter situations, you can always step up and buy small pieces of art to start a prosperous relationship with the gallery owners. Share your interest, your favourite artist (let’s say you are a fan of Indian artists), your taste (the painting style you love most), and everything related to art with the gallery owners. This will make you a valuable collector in the eyes of the art gallery and you will be beforetime informed about the next exhibitions.  

Here also, do not buy a piece of art you cannot connect to. However, getting out of the comfort zone to comprehend with some other styles of painting is what makes you one of the most unique art collectors ever.

Final Words

Follow these tips and see how the art collection is more than just find the right piece of artwork. Art collection is a spiritual experience that engrosses your creative flair, your innovation, your soul, and your mind together. Let me know how you’re planning to do it. Share your views in the comment section. Thanks!