In today’s world, where India is seeing a whopping upturn in sales, contemporary artists are finding difficulty in selling their paintings. In fact, selling the paintings is more of a problem for those artists who are a novice. It is so probably because the art enthusiasts and collectors are flooded with various kinds of paintings and artefacts to choose from. The options are so many that the works of the new and emerging contemporary artists get overlooked or goes unnoticed because of the works of the established artists.

However, the foretold reason shouldn’t stop any of the artists from chasing their dream of seeing themselves in the realm of top artists one day. To achieve the same, the artists do need to brace themselves up for some extra work other than painting. For building a long-term business with the art they make, artists need to make some plans, do a lot of marketing and of course have the required skill to make art that resonates.

In this blog post, we share a list of steps that you must follow if you are a blooming artist. Take a look.

Make great works

Prior to making plans for your business, you should focus on perfecting your skill. For instance, a good marketing strategy won’t surge the sales of your nature paintings, if they won’t be good enough. So, if you want to build a business out of your passion for art, make each of your work with dedication. Learn about the art you are creating and the kind of art your targeted audience wants. Make the changes according to the demand, if required.

Study your target market

After being sure of the work you are creating, you need to figure out what your target market is. Finding the right market for your work can be quite daunting, however, knowing this clearly is very important for your art business to prosper. If you will not reach the right audience and will target the wrong audience instead, you will end up not making any sales, even after your work and strategies being Avant-garde.

So, focus on studying the audience that might be interested in buying the kind of work you are selling. Also, stay aware of the latest news in the art industry and the buying pattern of the art collectors and buyers in general. Look at other contemporary artists and the prices that they have set for their works.

Decide your marketplace

Get to know the various marketplaces where you can showcase your art. Decide where you want to display your art. It is advisable to always have an account with an online art gallery. You can register yourself as an artist on our website- Indian Art ideas as well. Also, in order to increase your reach, present your work at all places. Be it public exhibition spaces like galleries, museums or commercial gallery spaces like local or international galleries. Participate in art shows and fairs too.

Develop a simple business plan

While making a business plan, make up your mind to follow it. Don’t leave your strategy in between if you don’t see results in the beginning. In fact, you should never expect results instantly, learn the art of endurance and patience. Decide the amount of work you need to do in order to sell and earn the desired amount. The thumb rule is to make twice of what you hope to sell.

Regularly review your business plan

Keep reviewing your business plan as the plan might get obsolete after a few months. The reason might be the shift in the buying pattern of the art buyers or some flaw in your own business plan.

Stay active and fetch admirers

Obviously, you are doing all these things to increase the sales of your paintings but you need to understand that nothing can happen in a jiffy you need to stay patient. Just stay focused on finding various ways to reach the audience. They will slowly become your fan and ultimately your customer. Though the time that an individual will take to make the shift from being an appreciator to a buyer might differ, the chances of them becoming a customer are quite high. In short, other than creating exquisite works, finding ways to reach the art lovers is the second most important thing for your business.

In a nutshell, contemporary artists should create exclusive pieces of art, review the art market continuously, make a business plan by setting small goals to reach the big one, and modify the plan, if required. Most importantly, try to be present on every medium that gives art lovers the opportunities to view your work.