The world of art has been liberal and comprehending through different spans and cultural spectrums.

India, a nation with diverse culture and distinctive beliefs, has been an excellent absorber of all sorts of art styles and forms that came across.

Because of this, a lot of talented artists have emerged in India. However, the upsurge has been not so strong before the 18th century.

If you would look up at the list of top 10 artists in India, you would find that most of them are from the post-independence era.

This clearly shows that Indian art had a dynamic burst after the nation regains its independence.

Today, however, we are going to talk about artists who are still alive and are keeping the flag of Indian art up and constantly rising.

Swati Pasari

Born in Kolkata, Swati is known to display a superior amalgamation of colors in here paintings and sculptors.

Being a fan of vivacious compositions and dazzling colors, painting is like a meditational exercise for Swati.

Swati Pasari - famous Indian painters alive

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She belongs to an affluent family and has been participating in a number of exhibitions held in Kolkata and Delhi.

Creations of Swati are known to imitate a fusion between physical and metaphysical mediums. Being a constant mediation adopter, Swati is known to develop her creations using meditation as the central theme.

Some of her work also represents Lord Krishna paintings and Gautam Buddha with an exquisite motif and serene color combinations.

She is surely an artist to look for in the coming future.

Aarti Sunder

She is in 32 – she is from Chennai – She is a renowned contemporary artist of India.

Meet Aarti Sunder, the talented and highly energetic artist who cannot be looked over when talking about famous Indian painters alive.

Aarti Sunder - famous Indian painters alive

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She is the artist of today.

Along with the paintings, Sunder is known to include drawing + video in motion rates her as one of the innovative artists in India.

Educated from Mumbai’s Rachana Sansad Academy of fine arts and craft and, later, at the Netherlands’ Dutch Art Institute, the idea for creations in Sundar’s mind is a gift to all art lovers.

She has been perpetually attempting to jot down ideas swirling around the overlapping of subjective and objective along with personal and universal notions.

She is truly the rising contemporary star from India.

Sujith SN

Born in Baroda, Sujith has been the proud co-winner of the Foundation for Indian Contemporary Art’s Emerging Artist Award in 2011.

All his creations are made using materials like dry pastels (for preparing medium), watercolors, and charcoal.

Sujith SN - famous Indian painters alive

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Sujith was eluded by the world of painting since he was and child and was empathetic towards the horrendous violent act of modern society that he represents via strong apocalyptical imitations of landscapes.

He is always bold about his representations and has hence covered various spectrums of cultural, political, and social situations.

Also, some of his works also present a hint of the Renaissance period and some are inspired by the architectural patterns and organic styles.

Madhu Das

Some artists find solitude in the crowd while others just stay away from the people. Both approaches inspire an artist to grow out of his shell.

Madhu Das is surely one of the names that make it to the top 10 artists in India. Not essentially India’s best painter, Madhu did his graduation from Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath, Bengaluru.

Madhu Das - famous Indian painters alive

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He was one artist who never worried about having higher education – rather he was more interested in finding a suitable place where he could bring his thoughts and expressions into reality.

And what he chooses – a discarded water tank in Chitradurga district, which is popular for its fort that was raised in the 18th century.

Das was always a keen thinker and an artist who kept wondering about the situation and condition in which humans have to exist vis-à-vis borders, the interaction of people with space, and public & private space.

Being a visionary, Das photo-documented a total of 300 trees that underwent physical transition due to the placement of metal guards around them.

He has been an active participant in Sethusamudram artist residency in Colombo in 2010, in the Kochi-Muziris Biennale in 2012.

Das was also bestowed with the Inlaks Fine Arts Award in the year 2015 and was selected as a visiting artist at Harvard University’s South Asia Institute.

Parag Sonarghare

Parag, being one of India’s best painters, is known for his works that are purely represented as a blend of canvas and artistry.

A recent post-graduate, Parag won a scholarship from the ministry of culture and have attended Khoj Peers residency program.

Parag Sonarghare - famous Indian painters alive

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His contemporary painting style in which he created exquisite patterns and visuals on the floor and walls using flour as a color is truly one of a kind.

He is surely one of the famous Indian painters alive, who is highly inclined towards creating paintings of his own using bright colors and crisp yet obscured point of reference like normally clad men, dogs, etc.

Themes of Parag’s works always revolved around the materialized, conventional, and hyper-realistic portraitures that are considered of high regards in the art community.

Sachin George Sebastian

Heard of paper art?

Sachin George Sebastian, a contemporary artist, who keeps his expression wrapped around the pieces of paper, was born in Kolkata in 1985.

Sachin George Sebastian - famous Indian painters alive

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He has been the proud winner of the FICA Emerging Artist Award in 2014 and has been known to bring different imitations and depictions made using paper pieces.

To ensure that he ends up with a fresh and unique design, Sachin ensures to perforate, burn, twist and fold paper.

With a touch of the contemporary and exquisite appeal of captivating motifs, Sachin provides a narration on the dynamic twist of the modern city life.

Ending Statement

Be it the top 10 artists in India or India’s best painters, these talented individuals surely made it to the list of famous Indian painters alive of our times.

I may have missed a few more names. Do let me know who you would want to add up in this list.