In this blog post, we have jotted down seven of the best self –portraits created by Indian artists. All these self-portraits make revelations which were concealed by these artists for long.

Certainly, art is the best form of self- expression that mankind has ever known. Art gives wings to the thoughts and desires of not just an artist but to every individual as well who wants to escape to a completely different space of their own. Making art is not just comforting but is also the best way to enjoy one’s own company. As a matter of fact, self-portraits are considered as one of the best ways of exploring oneself psychologically. However, portrait making is a tough row to hoe. It requires high artistic attributes and immaculate concentration. While non-artists cannot make it, artists can.  Hence, many Indian artists have resorted to making self-portraits at least once in their lifetime. Though many of these self-portraits failed to garner much attention, some achieved appreciation and recognition beyond measure.

Nonetheless, in this blog post, we have jotted down seven of the best self –portraits created by Indian artists. All these self-portraits make revelations which were concealed by these artists for long. Take a look to see how these celebrated artists of India have portrayed themselves in their paintings.

Amrita Shergill

Amrita Shergill is one of the most renowned female artists India has been bestowed with. She made a mark in the history of art not just in India but all across the world. The painter died at a very young age of 28. However, she made her presence felt by creating a realm of exquisite self-portraits. She was a native of India but was born in Hungary. The artist came back to India during the 1930s. This painting, in particular, is showing her laughing incautiously. Such a portrayal of oneself was made by her to show the way one fakes a laugh in front of the world even after being in melancholy from inside.


M.F Hussain is indubiously an artist whose name is known even to someone who has no interest in art. He has been entitled as ‘The barefoot Picasso of India’. The artist has also made portraits of many celebrities. Involved in a lot of controversies, this successful artist died on 9th of June, 2011. However, his painting styles are still considered as the masterpieces and a source of inspiration. In this self-portraiture, the artist has displayed two men standing alongside each other. Both of them look like each other’s lookalike. Apparently, both of them are M.F Hussain. They are showcasing the good and the bad part of every human as one is wearing white and the other one is wearing gray. 

Francis Newton Souza

F.N Souza, after selling this particular portraiture, immediately got acknowledged as one of the most renowned artists of India. He had an idiosyncratic style of painting which was quite intricate yet decipherable. The paintings of F.N Souza were often auctioned at Christie’s auction for more than $50000. He was also one of the main members of Progressive Artists’ Group. 


Raja Ravi Varma

This artist is one of those Indian pioneers who have made art affordable for the Indian who do not belong to higher strata of society. Raja Ravi Varma is also known as the ‘Father of India Art’. He used to mix Indian and European techniques of painting to describe mythological scenes. The self- portrait is a brilliant example of his artistic brilliance. This self-portrait is believed to be of the year 1887.


Rabindranath Tagore

Rabindranath Tagore was an eminent and versatile artist. He not only has impressed people with his writing skills but with his painting skills as well. It might come as a shock to you that Rabindranath Tagore actually took sixty years to discover this innate talent of him. However, he didn’t let this fact act as a hindrance and went on to make appeasing art paintings. Many of his paintings are kept as a treasure at national art galleries and museums. This portrait, in particular, is made using black and yellow color which is inspired more by modern style of painting than the traditional one.

Manjit Bawa

Manjit Bawa stands tall among those Indian artists whose forte was the way they used to use colors. The colors which they used were vivacious and attention-grabbing. He has always found inspiration for his paintings from the characters of Sufi poetry and the characters of Hindu mythology. This portraiture has been made by the artist in the year 2004.

So let us know in the comments which self-portrait made by the aforementioned Indian artists you liked the most. We will also love to know other contemporary artists of India you like other than the ones mentioned here. Also, if you are thinking of getting a customized portrait of you made for yourself then don’t forget to visit Indian Art Ideas today.