There are various kinds of paintings that exist in the world. If you go to India, you can find religious art such as Shiva, Krishna, Ganesha and Durga paintings at an art gallery.

If you go to France, a mix of landscape with a contemporary touch in the paintings is prevalent.

So let me ask you, as an artist, what’s your favorite theme? Do you like nature paintings or are you a modern art painter?

Every artist has his/her own style of painting. It is so because imagination and creativity offer quite different ideas.

So, what’s your hack to choose the subject matter for your next painting?

Let’s start this discussion with the tips to artists (like yourself) on how to select the theme of the paintings:


We are curious beings. It’s in our DNA. No one can stop our urge to find something.

Therefore it is highly probable that you would be excited to find out the trending themes of the present time. If you are doing so, why?
What is the requirement to seek and learn about the subject matters that are being sold most?

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See, if the curiosity is temporary, its ok then. But, if you are really obsessed with the concept of identifying the themes that are sold most, you are not on the right track.

Artists are not like that. The theme or subject matter they chose comes from their heart. It is not a practical decision, rather an intuitive one. Like you cannot decide that since religious art is high on sale you would craft a Durga painting. It is absurd.

Seek your motivation

It might be happening that artworks you are creating are not getting sold. This is the most compelling reason that makes artists research the art market about the subject matters that are most in demand.

Let’s say you choose a theme after doing a thorough research. The basic criteria for the selection of such themes would be obviously the sales figure.

This decision may seem rational to you but it defies your imagination as an artist. You may be good skills wise but when it comes to engulfing creativity you are way behind other artists.

The correct approach would be looking into the reasons for why your artwork or style is not shining (as in why the artwork is not getting sold). A proper review of your own work will tell you the aspects you need to improve.

Question your approach

If your artwork is not getting sold, then as an artist you should assess your marketing approach. You have crafted a scintillating piece of art but your work is not done there.

You should know how to market your work. For instance, if you want to sell Durga paintings, you should be approaching the correct audience for the same.

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If you are putting up the Durga painting in front of an audience that is moreover interested in contemporary art, then obviously it won’t be sold.

It’s one of the things; either the art is not good, or the marketing strategy does not have weight.

If the marketing is not done right, it does not matter what sort of theme you are choosing to work on. So, the best solution is to make your art to reach the relevant audience.

Identify the issue and solve it

Suppose that your marketing tactic is flawless.

In this case, you require to assess your artwork.

Numerous factors that should be considered are:

  1. Theme
  2. Colour compositions
  3. Media
  4. Sizes
  5. Prices

If all the above aspects are intact then your art career’s success is inevitable. Quite a few artists do not even stabilize all the factors. Still, with some factors in place, a lot of artists do attain success.

So, ensure to enhance these aspects as much as possible.

Note that all these aspects cannot be analyzed and corrected swiftly. It takes time. The experimentation process with these aspects could take a lot of your effort and time, but if you stick to the plan, you would reach your goal.

Research is ok

I am not saying that doing research is bad. In fact, the most successful artists are known to gain Intel about their market.

It’s good to know what’s trending and what’s fading in the art world.

Research is bad when you are doing it for the purpose of choosing your subject matter. Because the second you select the theme for your painting, that moment only you are proving that you do not trust your creativity and you are settling for second best or worst.

Final Takeaway

The selection of the subject matter is totally dependent on what you feel from inside and not on what is selling in the market.

Remember, every trending style or theme was used first time by somebody. That artist who believed in his creativity and imagination could have followed the trend, but he/she made their own way.

That’s what art is really about; finding a new path from your heart.

Trust your instinct and have faith. Hang in there, success will surely find you.