It’s true that the ecstasy that an artist experiences by creating an exquisite painting is beyond any measure. No money, no financial gain, no benefits, and literally nothing can match up the feeling of complacency that comes with producing an enthralling piece of painting.

But, to make sure that you keep holding the brush, ironically, accolades and appreciation are the biggest catalysts.

Today, when there are various sorts of art aficionados and a swiftly changing market, it becomes quintessential for artists to have a knack for the art environment.

Keeping other aspects facets aside, one of the most intriguing flairs that can help you as an artist is understanding the people who collect art.

Considering my experience in the art world (since I have been writing and reading a lot for a long time), I can simply categorize the art connoisseurs in four ways.

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Get a good read of what is about to come in this blog, as it is going to surely assist you in making good relationships with the people who are expert buyers of artworks. Let’s take a look:

The Trophy Hunters

These are the sophisticated bunch of people who believe that making money is easy but recreating the magic of art again is not possible.

Art collectors who fall under this category are more inclined towards the procurement process. These experts make sure to leave the visual charisma facet for the future buyers and only focus on how to get their hands on the desired artwork.

Not many people like such collectors as this kind of ‘procuring’ behaviour resembles snobbery in its highest form. These collectors often think that their taste in the selection of the painting is unmatchable.

The trophy hunters are quite fancy when it comes to money. Their bank balance allows them to overlook the social infrastructure of the art sector, but they do not do so consciously.

These art aficionados being the less ‘trivial’ of all, ensure to clout their art to do big tasks.

So, all in all, these art collectors ensure to get their hands on the desired painting ASAP and they are quite focused on the obtainment of the artwork, rather than enjoying it.

The Enterprise Ones

These are the liberal art aficionados who ensure love to experiment and are more of the fickle types.

To them, procuring art is more of a moral competition in order to boost the art that can really make the difference.

These experts are the ones who get hitched to the misinformation, feuds, gossips, quarrels, and dynamism that floats in the art world.

Leaving the art history for historians only is not an acceptable aspect for these art collectors.

If they see traditional paintings, the former consider the latter as an asset instead of pure investment.

Another crucial information about such art aficionados is that they always regard information as a currency.

Neither are they chasing behind procurement of the art nor are they focused on the finance of the painting, instead, these experts are only concerned about redefining art history by collecting magnificent artworks.  

The experts that lie under this category are known to battle fierce competition to win the access to the top-grade paintings, the right conventions, the sophisticated but relatable dinners, and the exclusive gatherings.

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The True Lovers

These are the experts who truly get the essence of an exquisite painting. These sorts of art collectors are least bothered if the art matches the furniture.

The fact they focus more on is appearance. The painting that connects is the one for them.

Boundless from any sort of financial gain, these art collectors look more for an emotional bond with the artwork, something that can provide them the satiation of soul they seek for.

These experts are known to rely more on their intuitions as compared to the trending vogue. They are momentarily dependent on the collection of exquisite artworks depending solely on the visual glare.

Needless to say, out of all, these art collectors have the most profound taste because they are free from any sort of greed or desires.

The Art Pros

These art connoisseurs are known for their wits and methodical way of purchasing the paintings.

Art is not an investment for them, instead, they look for artworks that really click for them. These art aficionados are not influenced at all by the latest trends or famed works, instead, they are the new avant-garde of the art world.

They love to experiment but also focus on the recommendation of selective people only. For these collectors, advice from the trusted experts is more valuable than the facts.

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You won’t find these art experts roaming around in the social gatherings much often. Their approach is considered the most lucrative of all.

Final Takeaway

As an artist, these segmentations will provide you with a much clearer picture when you are selling your paintings.

In case, you want to discuss something feel free to shout out in the comment section.