“Happiness is only real when shared”.

This quote of Christopher McCandless (the explorer who fought his way out of a comfortable life to have a real taste of what destiny is) holds true in every situation.

What is the point of drawing stupendous Ganesha paintings (A Hindu Deity) if there is no one to see them?

Similarly, if there is no audience, all the traditional artworks would not have travelled centuries to be available in our time. Also, the contemporary artists who presently take joy in nourishing new and innovative ideas for the creation of a majestic painting would think otherwise.

It is true; an artist is simply nothing without its audience. This said, what is the first and foremost step in the process of engaging with the people who are more likeable to make a connection with your art?

Well, it’s to jot down an impeccable artist profile for yourself.

What is an artist profile needed for?

We all know that promoting your art is the most viable and the only way you can persist in the market.

I mean, you have to know how to seek and link up with the relevant audience. For that, you require an artist profile.

It is generally, the very first impression an art aficionado gets of you as a brand. So, it requires to be good.

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There are a lot of people who are following and talking about the art, the paintings, the artists and the related stuff.

The key is to get yourself engaged with such audience. This can be done by penning down a fabulous artist profile that can preoccupy tastemakers. The sole purpose of the engagement of such audience is to expose your artwork in front of renowned art galleries, institutions, and art investors.

If you want to stand out of the line and still shine, you require to put down an amazing description of your work and the personal you.

Tell the crowd what inspires you to be an artist, tell them your story, discuss your work, and always hear them.

If you utilise some rare material for the generation of art, talk about it with your audience.

But, the ultimate objective is to stage your artwork in front of the relatable audience by bringing the latter into your range.

Let’s go through the tips on how to make an astonishing artist profile much attractive and viable:

Your tale

What good can you tell your audience if you do not know yourself?

Before you starting pouring words in your artist description, make sure to ask yourself a lot of questions.

For instance, what is your art of style? Do you like to paint abstract or traditional art like Ganesha paintings?

Or it can be whether you are going to introduce yourself in the list of contemporary artists or as a modern one?

Make sure that you realise the true inspiration that makes you paint. Is there any message that you want to communicate with your painting? If yes, what is it?

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Write the genuine and honest answers to these questions in your artist profile.               

Also, a lengthy and tedious-to-read artist profile fascinates no one, so it would take your best shot to go through your answers and pick only to-the-point aspects for inclusion.

Writing what you want and the genuine answers to the doubts make your further approach quite easy.

The beginning

It all comes down to this; the first line of your artist profile.

The first sentence is perhaps the best chance to engage your audience. Hence, it (the first line) should be directed towards the ultimate message or the main concern you want to pinpoint.

The first line should be the most fascinating line of your artist profile.

Besides, you would also want the captivating artist profile you prepare with such care and creativity to reach the audience. To make this happen, your artist profile should complement with SEO guidelines.

For this, insertion of the relevant keywords in the headline and lead sentences increases the visibility of your profile to a much wider audience.

For example, if you are one of the contemporary artists, search the most relevant keywords related to contemporary art and utilise them in your artist profile wisely.

The much sooner your artist profile includes the important points such as what kind of mediums you utilise or what’s the ultimate highlight of your theme, more becomes the likeability of you getting connected with the people who are interested in your work.

Understand your audience

Obviously, the people who read your profile will be the ones who are interested in art. But, it is quite possible that your audience does not possess the same sort of knowledge as you.

Make sure you are caring about your audience by offering clarity and avoiding any obscure comparison.