Indubitably, receiving and giving gifts is an integral part of our lives. In a country like India which has a sea of rituals, ceremonies, and festivals, exchanging big and small gifts is a common sight. Moreover, it is never the size of the gift that counts but the thought and gesture that does. In fact, the gifts that show the effort, sentiment are always more special, both for the receiver and the giver. It is so, as the presents that directly come from the heart are surely the best.

Nonetheless, even after practicing and experiencing the joy of gift giving, individuals still face problems while selecting presents for their near and dear ones. Apparently, a gift is just a token of good wishes and joy from the giver’s end but what if it can go beyond its usual implication? Yes, they can act as a token of blessing as well. You can gift Radha Krishna paintings or various kinds of Krishna paintings to achieve both the objectives.

However, the clouds of doubt surround the minds of the gift selectors when it comes to buying Radha Krishna paintings. Hence, this blog post will clear your clouds of apprehensions pertaining to such paintings. So, keep reading to know the ideal paintings of Krishna for various occasions.

  • Housewarming Ceremony-

This ceremony celebrates the move of a family or an individual to a new home. There are no specifications that one needs to pay heed to, prior to gifting these paintings on this occasion. Moreover, it is clear that the family is shifting to a new house, so they will obviously work on the interiors of their new house. Thus, one should gift Krishna painting after considering the color scheme of their rooms. One can select from a wide array of Radha Krishna paintings available after deciding the colors which will complement the wall color of the rooms well.

  • Wedding Ceremony-

Folks who are familiar with the world of art and religion always abstain from gifting Radha Krishna paintings on this auspicious occasion. It is so because even after having an unbreakable bond their love never sealed with a pure bond of marriage. Moreover, you should also not gift paintings which portray Krishna surrounded with Gopis. A ritual as pure as marriage is a way of promising loyalty for the one they are getting married to, this is why such paintings of Krishna are a big no. Hence, you too should not present the painting of both these lovers to a couple at their wedding as they might take it otherwise. However, you can gift Krishna paintings which showcase other roles which he has played in his life. The most appropriate one would be a painting of Krishna playing the flute.

  • Baby Shower Function-

On a baby shower function, you will have ample of options but the best gift would be a painting of Yashoda and Krishna. It will exhibit the love and care which a mother has for her child. Besides this, you can also gift paintings of Balarama and Krishna together. This will display the brotherhood at its best. Apart from this, paintings showing the notoriousness of Krishna too can be used. You can gift baby Krishna painting on this function. Additionally, a painting of baby Krishna playing with cows along with other Gwalas (companions of Krishna) would be a perfect gifting option too. You will definitely get a wide assortment of all such Krishna paintings on online art galleries and brick and mortar shops.

  • Birthday Celebration-

You can run the horses of your mind and can actually put your thoughts to work while selecting a painting for someone’s birthday. If the guy is an adult, a modern painting of Krishna captivating all the Gopis with the melodious tune of his flute is recommendable. However, if the birthday boy or girl is in school, you should gift him or her a Krishna painting displaying Krishna dedicatedly playing the flute with his eyes closed. Remember to buy a painting which only exudes Krishna and flute. The variants of blue in the painting will add to the ambience for studying.

  • Indian Festivals-

Though many festivals are celebrated in India, a few of them are specifically for celebrating Lord Krishna and his incarnations. The most popular out of all of them are Holi, Janmashtami, Goverdhan etcetera. Hence, when you are paying a visit to someone on any of these festivals, you should gift them paintings of Krishna which have a traditional touch to them.

Hopefully, the aforementioned points would have made the qualm of gifting easier for you now. Share your opinions and ideas pertaining to the topic of this post in the comments section below. Also, don’t forget to splurge on buying a Krishna painting from Indian art Ideas for the next time.