We people love seeing art. The way hues and colors can produce the feelings and views of an artist, it looks amazing. It is the inner endemic of thoughts and imagination that induces an artist to choose a brush and then begin making something stunning. At present, several types of art are being performed and followed worldwide but my preferred is traditional Indian art.

The antique paintings portray the stories of superlative beings, Gods, Goddesses, events from sacred epics, and related subject matters that are pretty attractive in a very exclusive way. Among the traditional tasks, paintings show Radha Krishna particularly fascinates my attention and there is the main reason for that.

Krishna is an extremely misread Godly being in Hindu scriptures. Many people think that Radha and Krishna had a love affair that didn’t continue for a longer time. But, if it was the situation, how come Radha’s name is always taken before Krishna though, after 5000 years their downfall?

Radha Krishna Paintings

It happens because undying, spiritual, and deliberately lively love floats the sea of time. The story of Radha Krishna is not common. However, the artists that portray the charming picture of Radha Krishna are from time to time not able to know the accurate strength of these characters. You can also check some latest Radha Krishna paintings design which you can order online with Pepperfry Coupons.

Radha and Krishna had true love; it was a great relationship between a heart and its creator. When Radha asked Krishna why he can’t get married to her, he answered “Marriage is a combination of two hearts. You and I are one heart, how can I get married myself?”

Radha, who was wedded to another man, but dedicated her life to Krishna, by fulfilling her responsibility as a spouse, mother, and more, but only devoted Krishna was in her heart. It is also believed that, throughout the final stage of life, Radha also worked as a servant in Krishna’s palace, just to continue the strong relationship with him.

The symbol of Radha Krishna reverberates in Indian traditional art because of these several reasons. Drooping all eye-catching artworks at the wall space of your home offer a delighted and heavenly atmosphere around you. Finally, there are lots of lessons that the captivating tale of these two supreme souls tell us.

Love - Radha Krishna Paintings

Inspiring life lessons from the life of Radha Krishna

1. Loyalty towards your partner

According to faith, Radha was a personification of Goddess Shakti and was one of the most enthusiastic disciples of Lord Vishnu. At present, Krishna was the avatar of Vishnu, hence, automatically; Radha was pinched powerlessly towards the fascination and charisma of Krishna. The cheerful traditional Indian paintings online also feature that Krishna is playing the flute in the midpoint and lots of Gopis have encircled him, enthralled by his music and his overall sensation. Radha is at the center with Krishna, and the complete sight seems nothing less than the essence of religious awareness flowing wildly. The dedication and devotion of Radha towards Krishna is something we can pick to learn and apply in our day-to-day way of life.

2. Patience is the key

Radha is a perfect model of how the patient is important in a true love must be. She much-loved worshipped, and for all time loved Krishna. When Krishna was about to depart from Vrindavan, Radha was upset, heart-breaking, but she knew that the relationship she has with the originator won’t be washed out with time. This is why she long-sufferingly fulfilled her responsibility and waited to come across her creator over again. This is what her passionate dedication teaches us; to be patient in an association.

3. Your love is your strong point

Traditional Indian art is an ideal representation of what a perfect relationship must be. Krishna always believed Radha as her strength. Radha never let Krishna become weak, but encouraged him to move forward. Krishna had an extensive queue of Gopis who were set to surrender at his order. But, Krishna previously lost his heart to Radha and therefore, it always fortifies him to remain on the course of morality and respect.

Paintings of Radha Krishna

4. Relationship of realization

The story of Radha and Krishna's painting reveals a revered connection between the two hearts. You must know that there was no lack of self-confidence, suspicion, and gap in the hearts of either because the heart of Radha and Krishna were associated at a spiritual level and the truth of physical presence looked trivial in front of the deliberate bridge bond. We should, therefore, try to build a connection with our spouse at a superior level.

5. Love is surrender

Loving a person doesn’t mean that you need to stay with that person in person. The idea of real and pure love is aesthetically showed in the tale of Radha Krishna. Today’s couples must have to understand that keeping in mind the bond of Radha and Krishna. As both of them understood that they were always together in the pious kingdom, and being with each other doesn’t grip much power. Krishna and Radha are an example of how the initial and final stage of true love is sacrifice.

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Final Words

There are many things we can learn from the miraculous story of Radha Krishna.