Every home displays the resident’s desires in life, their taste, and their way of living. If we talk about the décor statements, it is great to work on lifting the strengths of the house and hiding the flaws. A house looks appealing with how the decor plays to freshen up the atmosphere.

So, what do you have as your decorative?

In the era where most homes adorn the modern décor vibe, some spiritual painting styles in modern themes can enliven the ambiance. Indian traditional painting styles have always mesmerized viewers and today their digital prints also help to spruce up the house with divine peace and harmony. So, how about decorating the house with traditional Krishna paintings- the epitome of pious and true love?

The mesmerizing and electrifying depiction of Lord Krishna and Radha in modern style art has the power to fill the surrounding with positivity. Radha-Krishna's paintings portray eternal love and their story introduces us to the knowledge of Jivatma and Paramatma – the individual self and the universal self.

Why Radha Krishna Paintings for décor?

radha gopalam

Source- https://indianartideas.in/artwork/radha-gopalam/17279

We all have at least one Ganesha painting/idol at home, as Ganesha is said to bring in good luck. Lord Buddha sculptures and paintings are also famous for their ability to remove negativity.

Consequently, Lord Krishna's paintings are also considered auspicious and are a great décor statement. Considered best for the living room, modern prints of Lord Krishna's artwork can certainly steal anyone’s heart. Being the embodiment of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi, Radha and Krishna paintings are auspicious for homes.

Even as per the Vastu shastra, Radha Krishna paintings for bedrooms and living areas help avoid all negative vibes and enhances love between married couples. Bring energy to your home with a guiding force that ensures happiness and peace. Such prints portrayed in different poses are said to have positive auras and the best direction to have them displayed is the north-east direction.  You can place large and medium-sized prints in vibrant colors above the entrance door or on the bedroom walls and drawing places.

The Essence of Lord Krishna Paintings:

devotion of krishna

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Depicting eternal love, Krishna Paintings showcase the sensitivity and theme of poems that depict the story of Krishna, the understanding of science, and the thoughts of the listeners. When we read more about what these paintings symbolize, we get to know that the color blue represents the planet earth and Krishna’s blue eyes depict the same. Krishna’s yellow clothes symbolize love and respect for nature along with fire and earth that are the same yellow and brown in hue.

Harnessing high energy levels, Krishna paintings are a guiding force that influences positivity, so why not a modern Krishna artwork for living rooms?

 Types of Krishna artworks to have at home:

Radha and Krishna Artwork


Source- https://indianartideas.in/artwork/haripriya/15826

One of the most famous Hindu divinities, Lord Krishna and Radha depict eternal love and the union of Jivatma and Parmatma. When Krishna left Vrindavan, Radha was sad and broken. However, she knew that her relationship and association with Krishna will never end. Consequently, she continued her duties and this teaches us that the key to a successful relationship is patience.

Learning the same, go for an exceptional Radha Krishna painting for your bedroom by artists like Chetan Katigar and Prashant Paladugu, as such prints are an epitome of selfless love. Moreover, when adorned on the bedroom wall, they signify a strengthened relationship and a forever bond of togetherness.

For correct placement, use vibrant Radha Krishna paintings over subtle walls and complement them with subtle furniture compositions. Trust us they will fill your space with positivity.

Krishna, the Shephard

Krishna and brother Balarama helped their father look after the cattle when they were children. The depiction of the scene in the form of a painting helps celebrate Lord Krishna and his existence. The traditional Indian art form explains all about an idea of an ideal relationship like that of Balarama and Krishna.

Whether it’s the relationship of Radha Krishna, Balarama Krishna, or Sudama Krishna, it all talks about the connection of consciousness.  With such beautiful tales and preaching of Lord Krishna, why not his paintings in different forms for décor. Get such prints and adorn your walls with something attractive.

Holy Cow Painting

sound of flute, holy cow

Source- https://indianartideas.in/artwork/sound-of-flute/16409

Several artists have beautifully depicted Krishna’s holy cow through their paintings and sculptures. Several online art websites will help you with some vibrant Krishna and cow paintings. Krishna, also known as Govinda lived with cows and calves in childhood, which is why he earned this name. His affection towards the cow shown beautifully through a painting brings peace and happiness to homes.

Said to have appeared as a cowherd years before, Krishna is also named as Bala-Gopala, i.e,-  The person who loves cows. Since the cow is identified as a mother in Hindu religion, having a painting of Krishna and cow is said to offer respect to women and a symbol of satisfaction and fulfillment.

Raas Mandal

divine couple

Source- https://indianartideas.in/artwork/divine-couple/17294

We all have heard stories about how Lord Krishna’s flute mesmerized people with its music. An artwork depicting him playing the flute can help add joyful energy and positivity into the room.

Krishna is always shown playing flute, which signifies that a human’s heart is a reed and it goes through suffering to become a flute. Since each reed can’t be a flute, which means that to reach the god of love, it is essential to show care and forgiveness, so that God accepts the heart as an instrument to shower music and love.

The peacock’s feather is the sign of ‘beauty’ and ‘knowledge’. Beauty because it is beautiful and knowledge because it looks like an eye that aims at acquiring knowledge. Consequently, having beautiful paintings of Krishna playing flute with a peacock feather on the head with Gopis and Radha nearby signifies divine energy.

Pichwai Painting

Depicting Krishna in different moods and postures, this painting style narrates the tales of Krishna through beautiful paintings.  Earlier the painting form was painted with stone colors, however, today, watercolors are used. Having Pichwai painting for your gallery, you can describe various moods and stories of Krishna making your gallery a storytelling space.

The Shrinathji Temple in Nathdwara, Rajasthan that dates back to 1672 has several devotional Pichwai paintings describing Krishna’s story mesmerizingly. We have heard several heroic stories of Krishna and having them on canvas will surely brighten up the home.  

Krishna Love


Source- https://indianartideas.in/artwork/gopis/17295

Whether it’s a sculpture art or a painting, the artwork of Krishna romancing Radha and teasing the Gopi’s makes it an attractive piece on its own. With intricate details, paintings of Radha and Krishna love make them magnificent.

Since each Radha Krishna painting shares the special bonding of togetherness, having them at home brings in positivity creating an aura of harmony and love. Radha Krishna’s tale displays that love is not about staying with the partner physically or about jealousy, insecurity, or revenge, but letting go and sacrifice.  

Radha always helped Krishna walk strengthened on the path of justice and honor and with their painting in the house, it is easy to be patient and destined.

Wrap Up:

Radha Krishna's love is considered the purest form of love, as both Radha and Krishna fulfilled their duties despite being separate from each other. We generally look for artworks that are pious, so why not a painting that describes the tale of the sublime love of Radha and Krishna!

Lord Krishna always preached people to accept their mistakes, avoid any blame game, respect women, work on anger management, and respect time, and with the same thought, having his painting at home will certainly mend all discords.

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