The changing time and our fast paced life have taken us far off from our Mother Nature. Our lives have become some sort of race where everybody is competing. Our lifestyle and hectic schedules is creating a distance from the beautiful nature around. People have forgotten to live in a relaxing and natural environment where one can relax their nerves and rejuvenate. Landscapes capture the feel and the beauty of a certain special place, which will make the viewer feel that he is actually in the painting. This is the magic of a landscape painting. One can feel the breeze of the painting, which will make the viewer reach out and touch the painting as if, is real. The serenity and calmness that these paintings bring can calm down a stressed person. You can imagine yourself lost in the fields, separated from outside world, totally alone in your thoughts. These thoughts have inspired many artists of different times to come up with different landscapes.

Time passes by but landscapes are for eternity. No matter the painting is of a field or of a mountain, it is always found beautiful and sometimes hard to pull away from. As time passes people cannot find any more landscapes as these are taken by the buildings and shopping complexes. So, atleast we can try to bring back the beauty near our living areas to live a much happier and healthier life. This will also enhance the overall beauty of our home.

There are so many reasons why to choose a landscape painting and there are so many options to choose from for that matter. Landscape is a wonderful concept to be able to bring the natural beauty to your homes. The beauty of landscapes never dies or goes out of style and they will continue to inspire us for the centuries to come.