If you haven’t yet walked across different galleries and auctionsto interact with the artists,exploring different artformscan be quite intimidating. If you are someone who has recently developed love for art, understanding in depth the subjects, styles, origin, genre etc. can be a tough task.As an art buyer, how do you then ensure you are able to curate a collection that speaks for you and reflects your taste?

Most buyersopt forpopular artworks despitehaving their ownunique perspective and requirements because of lack of understanding different art forms and subjects. An easy-to-follow guide like this post will help you understand what your favorite art genre is.

The main idea represented in an artwork is its subject and to buy the first piece, it is significant to walk across different art codes. As an art buyer, you can be an art collector, investor, interior designer, or a person with an immediate need for art, yet, this post will answer most of your initial dilemmas related to purchasing art.

We have some famous subjects of art listed for you to examine different genres and understand what to buy.

Exploring the famous subjects in art:

Traditional Landscapes

Traditional Landscape

Source- https://indianartideas.in/artwork/sunrise-in-the-holy-ganges-valley-1/17549

Traditional landscapes are among the most popular artforms because they are timeless. Depicting exquisite views of nature, mostly lands, hills, mountains, and countryside views, these landscape art forms are an attempt to capture and depict the beauty that resonates with most sensibilities; thereby adding an instant value to home décor.

So, if you are one of those who love paintings of grand vistas, cliffs, and native vegetation, traditional landscapes are for you. 

Still Life

Still Life

Source- https://indianartideas.in/artwork/flowers/16868

Depicting a collection of inanimate objects, still life art has a different way of arranging things together, making it popular among buyers. Still life artworks include both manmade and natural objects that include fruits, vegetables, vase paintings, flowers, games, etc.

Ironically, as per French Academy, still life, as an art subject, was ranked at the bottom in the 17th centurysince the artwork did not have any human content.But in the modern epoch, still life arrangements are considered exquisite adorning most modern homes today.

Still life paintings also give a sneak peek into the past by bringing on paper the objects that were used during that time, so if you are looking for an artwork that gives your interiors an ancient Greek feel, still life art is the subject you are searching for.

Celebrating material pleasure, still-life art buyers have a decorative intent and a realistic perspective in mind. If you have a corner in your house that seems vacant due to absence of furniture, still life paintings will aptly fill up the space.

Local Views

local views

Source- https://indianartideas.in/artwork/solstice/17581

Paintings with local views are one of the best ways to capture moments and time periods. A lot of buyers prefer buying artworks that remind them of specific places that they have traveled with family and friends.

If you like have collections that giving a nostalgic feel, such paintings are for you. You can find an exquisite collection of local views on online art galleries like IndianArtIdeas, so start exploring.



Source- https://indianartideas.in/artwork/socializing/17256

Abstract prints are a non-representational form of art that visualizes shapes, forms, etc. giving artists the independence to draw their mind.Since abstract art gives artists the freedom to reform with time, it has been with us for ages revolutionizing its depiction as per the demand.

Jackson Pollock is considered the pioneer in abstract art,who is known for his drip paintings and gigantic abstract canvases.

An ideal artwork for contemporary homes, especially if your décor demands a colorful vibe with the need for oversized prints, abstract paintings is the best. With eye-catchy compositions of colors and geometric shapes, abstract artworks help create depth in the ambiance.  With its open ended subject matter, abstract art is the best one to give a modern and alluring vibe to a room.

Impressionistic Landscapes

Some of the most famous paintings are the Impressionistic landscapes because of their idea of depicting landscapes with a twist of showing fleeting moments in the air. Even famous landscape artists like Claude Monet and Pierre Renoir have shown interest in impressionistic artworks for their captivating element. The art subject is termed as the beginning of modern fine art painting, which was established by the Renaissance.

If you want a magical representation for your living space décor, impressionistic landscapes are the ones to rejuvenate your ambiance with a serene touch. You can also place them between two sofas or develop a focal point by placing them on the corridor wall of your home.

Check out a stunning impressionistic landscape:

first impression painting


Figure Studies

Figure studies are all about getting the painting of someone we know, our picture, or a painting of a stranger. These paintings can be personalized by reaching out to famous artists or through online art galleriesthat allow getting personalized prints.

Imagine getting your self-portrait made in charcoal or pencil sketch art, or maybe getting a painting of a stranger from your dreams!  Wouldn’t it be stunning?



Source- https://indianartideas.in/artwork/lost-in-solitude/1604

One of the most popular art forms throughout history, nudes are from the Western art culture. Attracting buyers for long, nudes visualize unclothed humans. Earlier nudity was restricted and was not accepted socially. However, more buyers today look forward to nude artworks as they depict universal truths about the human body and ideas of keeping humans together.

Nude artworks gained popularity also for its unique idea of visualizing valuableexpressions of figures that are not really captured with clothed figures wearing glasses and formals.


Among the famous artworks that attract buyers, wildlife art forms are the most interesting ones. How about hanging a painting of a lion, leopard, or maybe a koala in your living space or walkways?

tiger art

Source- https://indianartideas.in/artwork/silence/15786

People who are intrigued by wildlife often purchase such paintings to have them at home. Especially for people who are physically challenged and are not able to go outside often, such paintings help them get a sense of being outdoors.

Known as a great conversation starter, wildlife artworks bring the best effect when placed in living and dining spaces.  Filling the home with its colorful vibe, wildlife prints are said to help the viewers escape to another majestic world.  


A sub-category of landscape art, seascapes are famous among travelers for its majestic representation through nature paintings.

Since these prints have a long lasting popularity and a versatile format, more buyers show interest in its countless style. Joshua Eldred, President of Eldred’s says, “Seascapes’ popularity is attributed to many reasons: they speak a common language, they celebrate the majesty of the natural world, and they often are simply beautiful”.

sunset in tulga

Source- https://indianartideas.in/artwork/sunset-in-tulga/17614

Wrap Up:

Deciphering artworks isn’t that easy, and takes time to imbibe; yet, trust your instincts to find the best artwork for yourself. Decide a budget and start on your journey of curating your own art collection.

At IndianArtIdeas, we have an expansive collection of artworks for you. So, what are you waiting for? Check your requirements, and start exploring with us to give your home an instant makeover. For any queries, do comment in the section below and let us know.